A&R Dual Lens Mapper

We don't normally devote an entire featured web page to a piece of equipment in our lab, but this one we are pretty excited about. With the A&R Dual Lens Mapper we are able to take our already stringent quality control standards to an entirely new level. The information we can now obtain the Dual Lens Mapper not only allows us to inspect, but is invaluable for troubleshooting and providing a true picture of maintenance requirements and consumables replacement for our digital surfacing equipment. In fact, the mapper provides such detailed information about the lens that certain manufacturers of freeform equipment won't approve the A&R Dual Lens Mapper for inspections.

What does this mean for you?
It means you now have a level of consistency and accuracy in your freeform lenses that other labs cannot provide.

The DUAL LENSMAPPER combines two optical technologies (Reflection and Transmission) for quick and accurate measurement allowing us to:

  • Obtain immediate accurate error map calculation according to the reference marks.
  • Check of the front curve of semi-finished lenses.
  • Obtain a higher level of optical quality control than ever before.
  • Compare the actual lens and the design leading to an accurate error map
  • Have immediate go/nogo inspection and process control.