TKO Series Coatings – Performance not hype

At Laramy-K Optical, we know AR. As one of the first independent optical laboratories to build a certified Zeiss AR facility, we have been processing name-brand AR and hard coatings for over 10 years. Names have changed, but the essential process has not, nor has the importance of strict procedural adherence. As major brands move toward cost cutting and improving margins, we are moving away from big names and instead focusing on performance.

To this end we have developed the TKO (Technical Knock Out) Series of coatings with the following options available:

- Thermal cured hard coat with a standard 2-year guarantee
- TKO AR with residual blue
- ICE clear AR
- Flash TKO in gold, silver, or blue
- Super slippery hydrophobic/oleophobic top coat
- Non-slip Edge Protect powder coating for optimal edging performance

With the exception of ICE, which requires a thermal hard coat, coatings can be ordered in any combination and we NEVER require AR on any product.

What does this mean for you? You can continue to provide your customers with the quality and performance coatings they demand at a more economical price point all while supporting independent optical.

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