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Action is the foundational key to all of success.

—Pablo Picasso


Maintenance Is Marketing

In business, like it or not, every employee is a salesperson, a customer service representative, and a marketer.

Any bad experience a customer has can affect future sales from that customer, as well as the people they tell about their experience. This bad experience can be anything from a rude receptionist to torn carpeting to a dirty bathroom. There are so many variables that affect whether a potential customer becomes a customer, or a current customer remains a customer, that it must be everyone’s job to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. Even when it comes to routine things we often take for granted or dismiss because “it’s not our job.”


As we’re coming into the end of the year, it may be a good time to take inventory of some of these often overlooked things as they pertain to maintenance of your physical surroundings. John Seegers has come up with a checklist that will help you do just that.



The Little Things


Maintaining the slightly more intangible things like customer interactions and processes are equally as important.  Here’s the big list of little things that will destroy your customer experience.



The (Wo)Man In The Mirror


It is too easy to blame your woes on WP and other online merchants. The broader picture has to take into account the enormous changes in how consumers behave. Retail has been very slow to adapt to this. Optical is even slower. The sooner the industry figures this out, the better.


Personal Assessment


Sit down and think, for a moment, about what your successful friends do compared to your loser friends that complain. If you don’t have any successful friends, then you need these tips. Any one of these, by itself —if applicable—could change your life for the better.



Goals Are For Losers


We all have goals. My son, for example, (currently) wants to be an Olympic swimmer, a world-famous photographer, and a platinum-selling jazz fusion guitarist. Of course, he admits to not putting in as much mental focus into his swimming as he should and his guitar playing has become a casualty of his photography pursuits. But, hey at least he has goals, right?


This is the time of year, many of us reflect back and evaluate how we managed to grow and what we accomplish over the past 12 months. We may have set goals at the beginning of the year that somehow fell by wayside. The problem here may be that goals simply don’t work as well as advertised.


What I have begun to realize, is that when it comes to getting things done is that goals (without this) are for losers. The finest goals in the world are nothing but empty dreams without a concrete path to achieving them. There is a far more effective way to make progress in the areas that are important to you.



Similarly, from Psychology Today, here’s why you might want to eliminate the word “should” from your vocabulary. Spoiler alert: Should means won’t.



OpticianWorks Video Of The Week - Hand Tools: Rx Aligner

The Rx Aligner: A plastic platform with a millimeter grid the aligner provides a level base for the frame and consistent reference points to test alignment. Although not actually used for prescription alignment, as the name suggests, the Rx aligner is a must-have tool for any optician. 


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