Optician Success 42


The One Thing That Separates The Successful from The Average

In every organization, there are people (usually the majority) who are relatively easy to replace, but there are a select few who definitely are not.


Get Smarter, Hurry

Your future is largely determined by your willingness to invest in yourself now.

Here is one way to do that.


Your Secret Weapon In Competing Against Everybody

If you have any responsibility for, or care at all about the growth and success of your optical, here is some absolute gold in these 27 minutes: (2:21) Product is not special [enough] anymore. In the age of Amazon, success is less about what you are selling and far more about how you are selling it. (10:41) People are more about taking pictures and sharing the experience than the experience itself. But, the key is you have to provide an experience worth sharing. And much more.


What Essilux Might Do Next

Could this be a page out of the lab “partner” playbook applied to doctor’s offices?


In-Office Finishing: Your Advantage

Having the ability to finish in-house and deliver immediate service is without a doubt, one thing online retailers cannot do. It also happens, we are only a couple weeks away from the start of an entire series and new opticianworks.com course on in-house finishing.


The Outward Mindset

People and organizations get stuck when they have an inward mindset because when we are focused on ourselves and our needs, our reality becomes distorted. An inward mindset limits our possibilities and negatively affects our behavior and thus our relationships.  An outward mindset helps us to see the world as it is and not how we imagine it to be.


Video of The Week

Sadly, the video we were producing this week wasn’t quite up to snuff. Since we’re making every effort to produce the best content we can, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and pushed back the first video in a series covering the lensmeter until next week.

In the meantime in case you missed it, our most popular release to date seems to be How To Use the Optical Cross. As always, we want to hear your feedback. Please, leave comments on any of the videos on our channel. Let us know what you like, dislike, or what else you would like to see covered.


Hitchhiker’s Guide to Optician Success

In case you don’t, Google knows the answer to life the universe and everything.


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