Optician Success 32

I have exciting news this week for anyone interested in optician education. Since you are reading this, I hope that means you! But first...


The Law of Averages

As hard as it may be to swallow, most of us are pretty average. In fact...

If you are doing the same things as everyone else, you are the definition of average.
If you are selling the same lenses and frames as everyone else, you are average.
If your optical looks and feels similar to every other optical, you are average.
If you are selling and fitting eyewear the same way as everyone else, you are average.
If your customer leaves your store feeling the same way she feels leaving any other optical in town, you are the definition of average.

It stands to reason, if the overwhelming majority of people are—by definition—average, being average is the safest, maybe even most profitable place to be, right?

Here’s the problem: the largest number of your competitors are also VERY average. Wal-Mart is average. Costco is average. Essilux is average. Every chain store in your town is average. 9 out of 10 independent opticals are average. Average, you see, is already covered. What’s more, most of these companies have more money and are far better at being average than you. If that weren’t enough, your customers are opting to forgo the average experience all together to pay less for their average eyewear by simply going online.

Uncommon results come from uncommon action.

How NOT to be average.


A Place Called Empathy

Some people bristle at the idea that the customer is always right. I mean, after all, customers are often mistaken. They can be uneducated, rude, or even dishonest. However, in some very real sense—whether a customer, friend, partner, spouse, stranger, or acquaintance— the other person is always right.



Like Minded

Want to be better at sales? Forget about getting your customers to like you. Do this insteadBut, to do it well, you have to start with empathy (see above).



Frame-Work For Profit

Mark Clark has some great tips on working with frame companies to maximize profit, when dealing with insurance.



Optician Training Video of the Week

The new, super high-tech, Laramy-K OpticianWorks Training Center/Studio is up and running!  A little secret… it’s actually hidden in John’s garage, but I trust you won’t tell anyone.

What does that mean for you? It means, with any luck, you are going to get an exciting new educational video each week. We’re starting with the most basic and working our way to the more advanced. So, if it starts off a little slow, be patient. We’ll get to the good stuff, all of which will be included in the OpticianWorks training program. As an insider, you can follow us on Facebook to make sure you catch the video lessons as they are released or join OpticianWorks for access to the entire library of training materials.

So, without further adieu, here is the first lesson: Prism Part 1 - The Optical Cross. I can feel your excitement already! OK, so some of this stuff isn’t the most riveting, but we’re going to have a little fun with it whenever we can and maybe throw in a surprise every now and then. Remember, Step 3 of the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Rock Star Optician… know your $#*&!!. So, even if it’s review, you should still check it out.