Optician Success 40



Winter Is Coming

VA law allows for online Rxs. As technology marches foward, no matter how much members of the profession complain or even lobby, don’t think things are ultimately ever going back.




Will You Be Ready?

Millions will lose their jobs to automation, AI, and Amazon in the coming decade.

If you need a smack in the head, here you go: Adjust or lose.




Large But Not In Charge

Rockstar Opticians are leaders, but be careful not to mistake leadership for being in charge or in control. The best leaders are often neither.



Sales Is Not A Four Letter Word

Too many opticians seem to look down on the idea of sales, as if were something less noble than opticianry. However, the best salespeople are generally those with the noblest of sensibilities; those that truly believe what they have to offer can improve the lives of those around them. If that’s not what you believe, maybe it’s time to rethink your career.

“The idea is that selling a customer [only] what he came in for is akin to offering a man who has been lost in the desert a glass of water. “If you stop to think, you probably realize he also needs food, a place to sleep, a phone to call his family, a pair of shoes and a hat and umbrella to screen the sun’s rays,” Container Store co-founder Garrett Boone told  Businessweek.  So the next time you have a customer, remember they likely need a new pair of sunglasses, that their family should be scheduling bi-annual check-ups and a contact subscription really does make life easier.” -Invision Magazine



The Myth of Positive Thinking

One of the most popular myths about success is the power of positive thinking. The idea, in a nutshell, is that you can change your life by imagining better for yourself. Unfortunately, it seems to have the opposite effect. Keep in mind, there's a difference between positive thinking and mindset.


Action: How to Maximize Every Freakin’ Day

Today (and every day) can be as great as you want it to be. As we already established, thinking it, is not enough. Here’s how to actually make it happen.





“[Standard] Eyewear design and décor can become so ubiquitous that they disappear. Stock art of beautiful people wearing luxurious eyewear fades into the background instead of grabbing attention. It’s as true of shop interiors as it is for signage and exteriors. Our readers who have had success incorporating eye motifs into their businesses have one thing in common: Individuality.”

I don't notice any medical themes here.



Optician Video Training Of The Week

Find out again this week, if you can hit the mark as a forensic optician. Did a North Korean archer meddle with Olympic medals? Only the forensic optician knows for sure.



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