Optician Success 53


Eating The Elephant

We’ve all heard it before. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Because when faced with a monumental task, a series of small bites seems manageable, it’s easier to start, which is half the battle.  Keeping up the consistency to finish, is the other half.

Becoming a RockStar Optician requires a commitment to continual improvement. Even a small effort, if applied consistently over time, can reap great benefits. Most dreams aren’t shattered by a moment of surrender. Rather, they’re quietly consumed by years of inactivity. Start small and don’t quit.  


The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. —Amelia Earhart



It’s A Dirty Job (Or Is It?)

Mike Rowe notes that knowledge work seems obsessed with efficiency, while the skilled trades seem more concerned with effectively solving problems. The former can be dehumanizing, while the latter tends to be satisfying. Which are you focused on?



They Like Me!

A fundamental principle of sales is that people tend to buy from and refer others to people they know, like and trust. Well, if you’re face to face with a potential customer, chances are they already know who you are, but how do you get them to that next step? Instead of laying out the sales pitch and trying to impress them with your knowledge, you might want to think about this instead.



Rumble In The Jungle II

Last week I told you, you were war with Amazon. What if their next acquisition was Warby Parker? 



Somebody To Lean On

A supportive work environment is essential to building and maintaining an effective team. Here are six keys to consider that will help you create a supportive environment for your employees while improving the bottom line. 



Finding A New Job Has Just Gotten Easier

Google is now the king of job search too.




Video of The Week:  I’ve Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Lensmeter

This week, learn how to recognize vertical imbalance using the lensmeter. This lesson includes reading the lens sphere power, cylinder power, axis. The video lesson will demonstrate how to recognize and read the prism of vertical imbalance vs. prism between two mounted single vision lenses.


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