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It’s Okay To Fail 51 Times

No matter what, hold your head up and keep swimming. If visions of stopping swimming, or refusing to tread water fill your mind, despise them. When we’re exhausted, stopping and sinking into obscurity is easy. If you’re engaged in rigorous self-improvement, at times you will feel like you’ve been dropped in the ocean, a thousand miles from land. Temptations will arise to quit and give up. The deep dark abyss of the ocean or the dark polar night will beckon. Refuse them and keep going. No matter how many attempts it may take.



Why Experience Matters

I posted a Maya Angelou quote last week on our OpticianWorks Facebook page that I think sums it up pretty well.


“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou


In our increasingly connected world, we are becoming increasingly disconnected. We carry in our pockets the sum total of information known to humankind; the ability to connect to anyone on the planet; and a mechanism to purchase virtually anything we can think of. Yet, it all comes at the cost of real human experience. 


Anyone can go online or to a big box if all they want is a transaction. But will they remember those transactions, tell stories about them? Sometimes people want or even need an experience that makes them feel something. So, why not give them something to talk about?

Of course don’t forget, the actual substance behind the experience matter too. 


Stand-By And Watch

“A lot of new collectors started coming into the market, and now in the last few years there have been astonishing numbers coming in.”

One reason for this is that a mechanical wristwatch is only partly a timekeeping device, said Michael L. Friedman, official historian for the 140-year-old Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet. It is also a complex and nuanced object.

“Guys look at their watches as many as 30 times a day,” Mr. Friedman said. “They are not looking at them to tell time.”

They are, he suggested, regarding the timepiece as an article of jewelry (for most men, a watch is the sole piece of jewelry considered socially acceptable to wear) and equally a status symbol.

I see striking parallels and even more striking missed opportunities.



Trouble For Online Eyewear Retailers?

If returns are becoming an issue for online retailers, it stands to reason, it could be an even bigger issue for retailers of custom products that can’t simply place returned items back in stock.

Almost a third of web orders end up being sent back, vs. 9 percent of purchases at physical stores.



Profit Motive 

How else can you profit from making your eyewear sales retail-focused instead medical focused?  In a word: gifts 



Video Of The Week -  Screw It!

This week we begin a new series on the proper use of optical hand tools, starting with the tool most often used by opticians, the screwdriver. The proper use of any type of tool is something that we do need to be taught. When used properly the optical screwdriver is an optician’s best friend. When used improperly it can be a frame wrecking tool.



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I hope you enjoyed this issue of Optician Success.

Until next time,

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