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Heros and Villains

Risi Optique in Frisco, Texas put together a sweet little infographic outlining the extent to which Essilux will control the market. The only things missing are the growing collection of online retailers. While I’m not certain this type of marketing (or this type of marketing) is effective for retail, it is certainly helps to highlight the size of the monster that independents face.

On the other hand, there is research that indicates giving people a “common enemy” can be a persuasive technique. After all, marketing is about storytelling and every great story must have a villain. Just make sure the hero of your story is your customer.

Moving forward, it looks as if the industry has the potential to spawn even more, albeit lesser, “villains.”

Always remember that while corporate consolidation does present challenges for independents (and those caught sleeping at the wheel), it also means more opportunity, if you are willing to take the risk and move toward edges.


Too [Righteous] to Fail

New technology has exposed inefficiencies in music distribution, print publishing, news print, and travel—just to name a few—resulting in major disruption and serious “thinning out” of those industries. Taxis, hoteliers, and even municipalities have faced challenges from the likes of Uber and AirBnB. It looks as if Hollywood is next. No need to worry though, I’m sure there are no inefficiencies or dubious motives for technology to expose in our industry.


Upselling = Happy, Loyal Customers

If you can offer an upsell to your customer that is a win for you and her, not only does everyone walk away ahead, but it can also improve your customer loyalty.


They Like Me!

Here’s a neat little Facebook trick to help grow the ranks of your Facebook fans. How to get 100,000 Facebook fans in 30 days (Your mileage may vary).

I’ll be trying it out this week. Like the video lesson below and see if you get an invitation;)


Never Stop

Lifelong learning improves your mental health, physical health, and the size of your wallet.


Video Lesson of the Week

This week, learn (or brush up on) how to calculate the power of a spherocylinder lens in off-axis meridians with the Powers In Oblique Meridians Formula! It’s way more fun than it sounds. Seriously. Maybe.

Next week... Getting Into Prism.

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