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How It’s Made (Lenses and Coatings)


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There’s a bit of a gap in industry knowledge and education regarding exactly what goes into making and coating lenses at a surfacing lab. Well, it just so happens, we’ve got one of those (a surfacing lab that is). So, John Seegers and I decided to produce a “How It’s Made” style video to help fill that gap.


More than six months in the making, we take you behind the scenes at Laramy-K Optical to show you everything that goes into making uncut lenses, both conventional and freeform, from ordering all the way to shipping. We also take a look at AR (anti-reflective coating) application including spin-coated and dip-coated hard coat layers.


Now, just to be clear, this isn’t a glossy, “look at our fancy robots and white lab coats” type video, because, well, we don’t have those. Laramy-K is old-school. Our goal is to educate and show you the actual craft of lens making.


As our Lab Manager, John Larson likes to say, “Optics is craft and should be treated as such.” That’s exactly how we were able to produce the -21 cyl lens you’ll see in the video. The tool was literally handmade for that particular job. You just can’t do that with robots. When you choose a lab like Laramy-K, that’s what you can expect, people willing to go the extra mile for their craft. I hope that shows through in the video, but more importantly, as with all our videos, I hope you enjoy it and learn a thing or two along the way.


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How It’s Made (Lenses and Coatings)


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