Optician Success 44

Meet Joey King, A Rock Star Optician

I’m optimistic about the future of our business because technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. A new lens type seems to be released every other week. Sometimes we may feel like we’re fighting a losing battle with big box and online retailers, but with self- and patient education, we can use all this technology to our advantage. But as with everything consumers buy, they need to see the value. If an optician doesn’t do a good job at sharing with a patient the value in what they’re getting, what’s going to stop them from buying online next time? What did they get from you that they can’t just point and click and get delivered to their door?

Finding Passion In The Most Unappealing Jobs

Not that opticianry is unappealing, but a huuge step towards being thrilled to go to work every day is realizing that what you do, and more importantly how you do it, matters to people.  

Wait, How Can You NOT Love What You Do?

They say that comparison is the thief of joy. I think that is pretty good summary of life for most of us.

Turn back the clock just 60 years. If you lived in 1957, how would your life compare to the one you live right now? Well, you now have access to lifesaving medicines, often in pill form. You can choose from an infinite amount of entertainment, you can connect with humans all over the Earth, for free, at the click of a button. You have [instant] access to the sum total of human knowledge! You can express yourself in a thousand ways that were forbidden then. 

Comparison is great, if it drives you to become a better person, to do more for those around you, but if it’s just making you unhappy, you should stop.  

Build An Airplane Or Burn The Airports

I used this quote in last week’s newsletter, but it seems even more appropriate in this context.

You can disdain gravity all you want, call out its unfairness, seek to have it banned.  But that's not going to help you build an airplane. - Seth Godin

The sooner we accept the coming changes in technology and the necessary separation of medical and optical, the sooner all of us can get on with business of flying.

Walk The Talk

They say glasses make you look smarter. Well, these 5 hobbies will actually make you smarter. 

Video of The Week:  Compensate For What!?

If you have ever wondered what exactly is going on with compensated free-form lens designs and why the lens power returned from the lab does not match the lens prescribed. We’ve got your answer right here: What is a compensated free-form lens design?

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