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Even Roman Emperors Struggled To Get Out Of Bed

“At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself: ‘I have to go to work – as a human being. What do I have to complain of, if I’m going to do what I was born for – the things I was brought into the world to do? Or is this what I was created for? To huddle under the blankets and stay warm?’” - Marcus Aurelius

First, be thankful you’ve woken up. Many will not have been so fortunate today. Second, get out of bed knowing you have the privilege of contributing to the lives others.

How To Get A Raise

You may be thinking you’ve gotten your licence or passed your ABO and now you are a highly qualified optician. And maybe you are (but, certainly not by virtue of passing the ABO). Maybe you’ve put in some time and now you feel you’re due some extra money from your employer. Licenses, certifications, and time in your position are all well and good, but the first step in getting a raise is to ask yourself (and answer honestly), “Am I bringing more value to my business than I was last year?”

The key to getting a raise, not just once, but consistently over time, also happens to be Essential Mindset #2 in the Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Rock Star Optician: You are self-employed.

What? If I were self-employed, I would give myself a raise!

Hold on now. Even as a business owner, in order to take more money, the business needs to make more money. You have more control over your salary than you would probably like to think.

Essential Mindset #2
You are self-employed. Even if you work for someone else, you need to take responsibility for the success of yourself and your business. The era of the gold watch and pension plan is over. Your future is not guaranteed and no one cares about it as much as you. You choose whether or not to invest in yourself and whether or not you invest in others. You have more control over your destiny and choices than anyone else. Therefore, as the CEO of You Inc., you must accept 100% responsibility for yourself. If you find yourself going through the guide thinking, “That’s not my job”, return to Essential Mindset 2.

Take responsibility for the success of yourself and your business. Often, you can kill these two birds with one stone, by asking, how can you invest in yourself in a way that will also benefit your business? What can you learn—and get good at—that will help you grow as a person, improve your marketability and resume, and be of great value to the optical?

OpticianWorks.com is one way to do just that. OpticianWorks online optician training will teach you not only important opticianry skills and how to pass the ABO (that part is free), but also how to use those skills to grow as an individual while improving the bottom line of your business. Over the next year, OpticianWorks will be making many improvements, including adding professionally produced video content to every lesson. Consider joining now for only $9.99/mo. It’s a small price to pay for a huge investment in yourself.

Of course, optician training isn’t the only way to improve yourself and your business. Can you benefit from sales training? marketing? learning how to build a great customer experience? Look around, what are you most interested in and what has the potential to give you the greatest return?

You might not even have to pay for your training. Good managers and owners know that it is cheaper and more effective to help grow the people they have than to find and hire the “already established” from the outside. Ask your boss to pay for your training. If you’re lucky, she’ll say yes. Either way you’ll demonstrate your willingness to take initiative and spend extra time improving yourself. As an employer, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Even if your boss is not willing to pay for your training, do it anyway. Investing in yourself is always a better choice than Netflix or Starbucks.

A few more tips on getting that raise:

Come straight out and ask your boss, “What do I need to do to get a raise?” Get specifics, then do that and more.

Always be on the lookout for options. You may not want to use other offers as leverage over your current employer (it may work, but it can also backfire and cause mistrust). But, having options will boost your confidence, which can improve many areas of your life, including your chances of getting that raise. Plus, you never know when that perfect opportunity or dream job may come along.

If you’ve done all this and you still don’t get a raise. Don’t become disheartened! Stay confident. Continue to grow and invest in yourself (never stop) and consider looking for an employer that appreciates your skills and initiative.

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