Optician Success 46


How To Win At Life: A Gamer’s Philosophy

Level 1 – Find food; find a bed to sleep in at night
Level 2 – Know you’re not going to die
Level 3 – Find your people
Level 4 – Do something that’s important and valuable to both yourself and others
Level 5 – Create a legacy

Welcome, Player One, to a strategy guide for the game known as life.

It looks remarkably similar to the Ultimate Guide To Becoming A RockStar Optician.


The Happiness Of Pursuit

Instead of continually searching for an ever-changing, poorly defined ideal like happiness, what if you simply found happiness in pursuit.


Make Time For Learning

We are trained by our modern world to organize our day into mutually exclusive chunks called ‘work’, ‘play’, and ‘sleep’. One is done at the office, the other two are not. We are not allowed to move fluidly between these chunks, or combine them in our 24 hour day. Lyndon Johnson got to nap at the office in the afternoon, likely because he was President and didn’t have to worry about what his boss was going to think. Most of us don’t have this option.


Know (And Like) Your Customers

If you want to get beyond being a commodity, you have to—besides not act like and sell an actual commodity—earn trust and build relationships. The only way to do that is to be a part of your community. 


EyeCare: The Next Generation

Now, this is an office that has set themselves apart and sought to boldly go where no one has gone before!


Video of The Week:  How Frame Choice Affects Lens Thickness - Size AND Shape Matter

People too often think lens thickness is all about material index and tend to overlook the importance of frame selection. This week’s video is a must watch, if you want to get the best looking and most functional lenses for your customers, particularly those with higher power Rx’s.


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