<h4>Optician Success 29</h4>

“When thinking about what to do next with your life, don’t ask yourself what you would succeed at, but what you would most enjoy failing at.”

Clifford Cohen


Looking Beyond 2017


Step Number 2 in becoming a Rock Star Optician is to begin with the end in mind. When considering what you want to accomplish in the coming year, make sure it sets you up for what you ultimately want out of life.



Of course, never forget living life means being present in the now, living today, not obsessing over the future. Periodic planning for the future and more importantly, the building of corresponding habits that will take you there, gives you the freedom to do just that.


Speaking of habits, here’s a simple one that could net you a promotion or raise in 2017.




Knock ‘em Dead


To be a Rock Star Optician, you need a loyal fan base, which means nurturing the relationships of your best customers. What better way to make an impression and someone’s day than a killer, handwritten thank you note?



Don’t Read This


For many, the new year means reflection and goal-setting. However, on a psychological level, telling yourself what not do is sometimes more powerful than resolving to do something positive. So, here are a list of optical-related phrases you can promise yourself not to use in the new year.



If you’d like more, here is a list of 13 things you need to give up if you want to be successful.



Bonus #14: Stop complaining.


Digging Into Camber
Still wondering about the variable base curve magic behind the Camber magic? John Seegers and David Rips may be able to clear it up for you. 

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