Optical Retail Success 115


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Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.



Too Late For Love?


I received this via the Daily Stoic and thought it deserved the focus of this week’s nuggets of goodness. https://dailystoic.com/


It’s easy to stir up resentment, harder to create common ground. It’s easy to point out what’s wrong, it’s much more difficult to come up with a solution. Our current political and social dialogue has taken the easy road, no question, which is why we’re divided and despair of solving any of our problems.

Resist the urge to point fingers or label other [people or] groups “the enemy.” As Booker T. Washington wrote, “Great men cultivate love, only little men cherish a spirit of hatred.” And this was from a man who had been born in the final days of slavery, who faced incredible racism and adversity. Yet he, like all great men and women, sought common ground, solutions and love over distrust and anger.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, people—no matter their professional, political, religious, or ethnic persuasion—almost always do what they think is right. Each of us and our actions are formed by the sum total of our genetics, our upbringing, and our experiences. It should go without saying that, no two of us share the same combination of these things. So, when we look at others’ actions—or opinions—not only are we usually missing context, but we are looking at them through a lens of our own construction which will clearly produce a different focus.


What excuse do you then have to be little? What do you expect this smallness is going to accomplish? Even if playing to divisions and pointing fingers gets you attention, even if it plays well with today’s social media algorithms, does it make you feel better or happier? Of course not.

Love. Love. Love.


Love other people. Never forget that infinite perspectives exist outside your own. Love the situation you are in today because it is yours. Love the obstacles that block your path, because they will shape who you become. Love it all and strive for better, because it is your reality, it is your one-and-only trip on the merry-go-round, and it is the only way.



Love and Optics


Here is an optician the clearly loves his work https://youtu.be/RpdV5ZECIa8


...who also happens to be fighting a hard battle of his own.




Video of The Week:  Emergency Epoxy Frame Repair


Customers need love too, ‘cause where would we be without them? So, here’s how to do a quick a dirty 2-part epoxy repair for a broken plastic frame to hold them over until their new pair is ready. https://youtu.be/SD5uziOQg8I



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