Optician Success 33



Wow Your Potential Employers By Taking Online Courses

A recruiter analyzed 3000 interviews for tech candidates and found that more that those who had taken online courses scored higher in technical proficiency, problem solving skills, and ability to effectively communicate.  Online courses had a bigger impact on scores than years of experience, formal education, and companies worked for.



Video Lesson Of The Week

All about the 30-45-60 Rule.

Remember Step 3 of The Ultimate Guide is mastery of the basics, so even if it is review, it might be a good idea to go over it again.

Coming up next week: Calculating lens powers across all meridians with the powers in oblique meridians formula.




Nothing Average Here

From the inviting design to the independent frame selection, nothing about Artisan Eyeworks reminds you of a typical optical. 

Michael Hoyt recalls an a-ha moment he had not long after Artisan Eyeworks had passed its first anniversary: “We’re not an optometry office with an optical. We’re an optical with two optometrists,”

Yes! Artisan is all about the experience. People love to shop. They love to touch, feel, and try on nice things in comfortable, beautifully designed surroundings. Going to the doctor? ...not so much.

Most importantly, the Hoyt's know who their ideal customer is and how to serve them well.




Meaningfulness vs. Happiness

What if you pursued meaningfulness instead of happiness. You might actually be happier and live longer. It turns out, you are in a pretty good profession to do just that.




“Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing and wherever we are going, we owe it to ourselves, to our art, to the world to do it well.” - Ryan Holday, The Obstacle Is The Way





The entire concept of the RockStar Optician is built around the idea of “never stop learning and growing.” Step 11 of the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a RockStar Optician is “Look outside of optics.”

This fits the bill for both.
So does this.