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Right on Track, Is That Gonna Get You Back?

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
— Will Rogers

Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a life.


Emotion(s) In Motion

If you’re able to show that you can manage your emotions (especially when everyone else is losing their cool), collaborate with a variety of people, listen well, and offer constructive feedback [bitching on FB does not count], you’ll be way ahead of the curve

4 emotional intelligence job skills you need for the future now.


Will To Power

Customer or Patient? The eternal debate, but the answer is simple. It all comes down to who you want to have the power.



All I Wanna Do

Secret of retail success? Give your customers more things to do, not more stuff to buy.

Numerous studies have shown that two things determine retail success:

  1. The time shoppers spend in the store
  2. The extent of interaction customers have with the store personnel and merchandise

So, the more time customers spend in your store, the greater the shopper interaction and engagement, the higher your sales.



From beer to beauty, artisan products—goods made in small batches to reflect high-quality craftsmanship and care—are extremely popular among consumers right now. Unlike mainstream and mass-produced products, artisan products represent unique, affordable luxuries made with mastery.

To set yourself apart, you should not only embrace the artisan nature of independent frame lines, but emphasize the craft of opticianry itself. Tell your story through your brand, partner with other local craftspeople and artisans, and use it all to create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Taking personal service to the level of craft


Here Comes The Rain Again

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey has been unfathomable.

In some locations, Harvey dropped over 51” of rain.

Almost a quarter of a million people are still without power.

30,000 people are in shelters.

Between 500,000 and one million cars were totaled.


Here’s a story from a local optician:

“I as many other people lost everything, furniture, appliances, cars and clothing. I did not have flood insurance in my house. But the most important is that God safe my family!. I was approached by 2 thieves who had guns and were trying to take us to the back of the house, but in that minute a helicopter was close to us and I acted as they were coming for us. That made them leave. Besides, I had a hat from the Army and they thought that it was better to find somebody else. We continue walking with difficulty because the water was in my stomach. My son is autistic. He was very confused and worried. He could not understand what was going on. Finally, a very nice couple took us to my sister-in-law’s house where we are now.

Thank God nothing happened to my business we will start again God is merciful 😭😭

Thank you for your support to all of you.

This is only one of THOUSANDS of stories. Help the Certified Optician’s Association of Texas gather funds to support their fellow local opticians. Even if it’s only $5. Every little bit helps.


And now here comes Irma.

Irma is the most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, setting off earthquake seismometers, and bigger than the State of Ohio.

Brace yourselves.


Video Of The Week - From The Greatest Hits Collection

John is still on vacation this week, so we go back to vault one more time with What Is Prism? Enjoy this detailed, illustrated, explanation of how and why a prism is used to correct vision problems.


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