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"The wise man enjoys the giving more than the recipient enjoys the receiving. There is not a man who, when he has benefited his neighbor, has not benefited himself"



Once In A Lifetime (Same as it ever was)


If an Apple upgrade breaks your phone and you switch to Android, it costs them more than $10,000.

If you switch supermarkets because a clerk was snide with you, it removes $50,000 from the store’s ongoing revenue.

Next time you are tempted to fret about giving away adjustments, nose pads or even something more significant to keep your customers and potential customers happy, never forget the bigger picture and the concept of lifetime value.



Eye Robot

The University of Iowa Healthcare has become the first to implement an autonomous artificial intelligence system that can detect diabetic retinopathy via medical imaging without requiring a clinician to interpret the image or results. This enables healthcare providers who are not normally involved in eyecare to test for diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness, during routine office visits. 



Meet The New [Instagram] Boss Same as The Old [Facebook] Boss

Monstrous growth -- with more ahead
Instagram hosts over 1 billion users per day, and Stories is seeing rapid adoption, with over 400 million daily visitors. "We find it stunning that Instagram Stories in just two years since launch has become twice as large as Snapchat with monetization still in the early innings."

It's also notable that Facebook only acquired Instagram in 2012, and recently its user growth has been accelerating. As my colleague, Evan Niu pointed out, "It took about five months to get from 700 million to 800 million [users], and nearly nine months to get from 800 million to 1 billion." That bodes well for the platform's continued growth.


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Most News Is Bad News 

The information industrial complex has discovered the same thing big food and tobacco discovered years ago: addiction=profit.  

All this noise. All this news. The media equivalent of sugary cereal laced with drugs that simultaneously keep us pacified and outraged, numbing our brains and pitting us against one another—all in the name of clicks and views.

What’s more, we are afraid of silence. We are afraid of looking stupid. We’re willing to divide ourselves, drive ourselves insane — miserable — to avoid it.

But what would happen if we stopped?

I can tell you I significantly reduced my media diet years ago, eliminating television news sources almost entirely and greatly restricting my internet news. While there’s still no shortage of distractions, I believe I have actually become more informed as a result. There is certainly less stress in my life after realizing there is no value in the ‘outrage’ they sell and discovering how damaging it can actually be.



A Better Version of Yourself 

A fourth grader lines up obediently to return to class after recess. Looking around, surrounded by boys and girls the same age and the same size, he sees out of the corner of his eye a group of other kids who seem different.

They are older. Bigger. More confident. They make their way leisurely to their own line, not nearly as rushed by the thought of seeing their teacher. Their clothes look better. They have clearer cliques, roles within those cliques. They seem like they are having more fun too. They are cooler. So much cooler. These kids: Sixth graders.

Want to become the best at what you do? Learn this one lesson.



Video of The Week:  Progressive Lens Decentration and Blocking

The final installment of finishing layout work series is here! Progressive decentration and bocking. 


Free in-office finishing course available at https://opticianworks.com/edge



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