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“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

3 Optical Lessons From The Retail Apocalypse

Perhaps as many as 4,000 brick-and-mortar stores have closed in the United States since last year, creating what some are calling a “retail apocalypse.” This would-be industry-wide meltdown can teach other, still operating, retailers at least three lessons about growth and investment.

Why Are Stores Closing?

The retail chains that are suffering, going bankrupt, and closing stores are a symptom of poor management and a lack of investment more than they are an indication of the retail industry’s health.

In fact, the key problem for many of these chains, including Payless ShoeSource, RadioShack, Rue21, and The Limited, is how those companies chose to invest in three key areas:


For big business this means: Big data

For you this means: Becoming an expert in your customers. Taking an interest in their habits, hobbies, lifestyles and quirks. Getting to know them better than they know themselves. Making increased communication and engagement opportunities an integral part of your culture/sales process.


For big business this means: High-dollar technologies that help personalize the shopping experience.

For you this means: Doing everything in your power to knock their socks off, give them a reason to remember you, and make sure they have something they can talk to others about. Customer experience.


For big business AND for you, this means: Invest in your people!

People are the differentiator between local and online.

As numerous studies show, high turnover means that people are not going to be very competent at their jobs because they aren’t there long enough to learn from experience. This leaves under-skilled, under-trained, poorly compensated people in understaffed stores.

If I have to choose between a poorly trained optician (sidebar: poorly trained has absolutely nothing to do with licensing—see the referenced articles below.) that feels it’s a therapeutic requirement to bemoan his work and customers on Facebook vs. ordering 5 pairs of eyeglasses for home try-on from the convenience of my couch, I’ll bet you can guess which will win.

Some of the failing stores were among the worst at paying and training employees.

Don’t make this mistake...


One Behavior That Separates The Successful From The Average

Most people only do what they are asked, doing only the minimum requirement. They need specific instructions on most things they do.

This article details one of my favorite parables. You may have read it before. But I challenge you to really pause and reflect: Which son are you in the story?

4 Keys To Learning Anything

Success in any endeavor requires the desire and ability to continually learn. Of course anything worth learning is bound to come with it’s share of obstacles. Here are the four keys to overcoming them.  

It Grows On You

Coincidentally, there also happens to be one trait that separates those that can learn and adapt from those that struggle to do the same. Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

Video of The Week:  Solving an ABO Prism Test Prep Question Step-By-Step

Walk through a “brain-teaser” prism question. We take a real world prescription and pair of glasses and create an error in the as worn position. Solving for the final correct answer is a multi-step process that requires some time, patience and visualization skills. If you can figure out a question like this you can handle anything the ABO might throw at you.

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