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Let’s Start with The Video Optician Training of The Week

After six weeks of prism theory and application, we finally make it Prentice’s Formula (Part 1). Can you guess what next week will be?


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It’s All About That [Customer] Base

All the certifications, licenses, degrees, and lab coats in the world won’t help independent opticians find the success that a dedicated focus on customer experience will. If you are in the process of making your optical more customer-centric, here are some factors to consider that may help you on your way.


A True RoxStar Optician


In this video interview, Roxie of Kent and Roxie's Spectacle Shoppe talks about customer experience and setting yourself apart from the competition. She also mentions an amazing, independent, lab in Indianola, Iowa.


Love The One You’re With

So often, we make the mistake of trying to find happiness instead of working to create it. Real happiness, almost always comes through meaning, struggle, and subsequent growth. Here some ways you can reframe and love the job you already have.



Mo’ Better Web Traffic

The process of getting more traffic to your website from search engines (a.k.a SEO) can seem like mysterious, highly technical endeavor. However, as search engines have evolved, many of the black magic techniques formerly used to get high rankings have gone by the wayside. Now, it is mainly only important your website have content that people can use and read. Here’s a good lay-person’s guide to getting more search traffic on your website.



It turns out the Essilor Luxottica merger could be bad for everyone… except Essilor and Luxottica.


Whooda thunk?

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