Optician Success 50

“People Only Care About Price”

I get it. People continually coming into your store to get measurements or frame information only to go buy their eyewear online can be frustrating and lead you think that the only thing people care about is price—that they don’t care about your professional service (until they need it) or the importance of eye exams.

But, the truth is, that mindset is a cop out. It’s an excuse, a way to absolve responsibility for the fact that customers are choosing to purchase their eyewear online.

Yes, of course, cost is an important factor in many people's buying decisions. And for some, it may even be the only factor. But, unless part of your mission is helping those in need, you shouldn’t be considering the “price-first” crowd as your market anyway. The internet—and those engaged in the race to the bottom—have that group locked up. Even if you do manage to snag one or two, chances are they’ll find something cheaper before their next purchase.

So, here’s the problem: adopting the attitude that “the only thing people care about is price”, keeps you from asking two very important questions:

What do my customers really care about?


What can I do to make cost seem less important?

Opticians like to talk a lot about “what can be done to fix opticianry.” Invariably, the discussion turns to education, licensing standards, or “expanding the scope of practice.” But here’s the thing, your customers don’t care about how long you went to school or your papers on the wall, if you can make them happy.

You need to continually ask “what do my customers really care about” then figure out how to use that to make shopping for eyewear something they want to do instead of something they have to do once every two years or when they’re about to lose their flex dollars.

Meanwhile, if you really want to fix opticianry, forget higher licensing and education standards.


1. Care about what you do enough to be great at it.

2. Become an expert in your customers. Strive to see things from their perspective, not yours. Discover what will surprise and delight them. Then give it to them. Figure out how to make them say "Wow!" from the time before they walk in the door to long after. Make it easier to business and interact with you, not more difficult. Give them a reason (or three) to LOVE you and choose you over an online store.

Maybe the next time someone comes in for PD, the care and passion you show for your craft and your customers will be enough to make them think twice.


Real Skills

It's difficult to find the leverage to make a difference. At your job, there are probably people with more experience than you, more domain knowledge than you, even more skills than you. The same is true about your competition.

But there's one place where you can make your mark: Your attitude.

You can bring more generosity of spirit, more enthusiasm, more kindness, more resilience, more positive energy, more bravery and more magic to the room than anyone else, at least right now. Because you choose to.

That can be what you stand for.

These aren't soft skills. They're real.

-Seth Godin


Customer Service Is The New Marketing

  • People can copy your products but they can’t copy your passion.
  • Why you should always respond to customer complaints.
  • A 5 percent increase in retention can increase profits 25-85 percent.
  • 80 percent of companies say they deliver exceptional customer service but only 8 percent of customers do.



15 Tips To Help You Keep More Customers

Now that you know why, here’s how.

Video of The Week:  How To Use The Lensmeter 5

This week, in our ongoing series, How to Get A PhD in Lensometry, you’ll learn how to read both the distance and near prescription powers for verification of a pair of mounted lined bifocal lenses.

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