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Weekly nuggets of random goodness, hand-picked to complement the OpticianWorks Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Rock Star Optician; tips, stories, and science helping you focus on getting the most from your optician business/career.


Positively Louder

The small minority of people that are mad and angry and hateful and dark are much louder than the big percentage of us that are happy and excited and feel great.

Unfortunately, technology amplifies the complainers. So, let’s make positivity louder.


The Rise Of The Independent

Step 11 of the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Rock Star Optician is to look outside of the industry to see how other sectors that finding (or not finding) success. Here’s how independent bookstores are thriving in spite of Amazon.


Techno Not

“Why the hell would I go out of my house to go have an alone experience in a mall or in a store?” Phibbs says. “Why in the world would I go to find a robot when I could do that with Alexa or Siri or Google just as easy from my home?”


Better Living (and Service) Through Empathy

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how we are becoming increasingly disconnected the age of connectivity. Consequently, when your customers choose to shop offline they are seeking real experiences (Hopefully, you are providing them with plenty of good ones to talk about.)  But, they are also seeking human interaction.

Fine-tuning your ability to see things from another person’s perspective can have a big impact on your life, theirs, and your bottom-line.



By Design

What if you were to think about your customer interactions like a product designer?

Take out a sheet of paper. Write “Before” and put a neutral face under it. This is point A. Write next to it “After” and put a face with a big and content smile underneath it. That is point B. Why and how do you get from point A to point B?

When you know the answer, then everyone will know it. That is the value of an interaction. That’s how you can make yourself proud and... make more money.



Get Ready To Pay

It’s easy to see why the merger of Essilor and Luxottica should be denied. The merger would combine the world’s largest eyewear company with the world’s largest manufacturer of optical lenses. But that is an oversimplification. The merger also involves the U.S.’s second largest vision insurance company, owned by Luxottica, and the U.S.’s largest optical retailer, composed of many companies all owned by Luxottica.

That’s still not the whole story, the combined Essilor and Luxottica will exert control over 83 percent of optometrists through Luxottica’s EyeMed Vision Care company. EyeMed has 43 million members and is accepted at over 30,000 U.S. optometrists. Luxottica uses this vision benefits company largely to steer patients towards Luxottica’s own products.


Okay, Eh?

Essilor and Luxottica announced that their proposed merger has received antitrust approval in Canada.


Canada was one of five jurisdictions where antitrust approvals were needed in order for the deal to close. The transaction has been cleared so far in 10 other jurisdictions: Australia, Colombia, India, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan.


Approvals are still needed in the U.S., Europe, China and Brazil.



Video Of The Week - Wide Jaw Temple Angling Pliers

An indispensable part of the optician’s toolbox, the wide jaw temple angling pliers can be used for both standard alignment and individual adjustments made at dispensing.



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