Optician Success 47


The reason it's difficult to learn something new is that it will change you into someone who disagrees with the person you used to be.

And we're not organized for that.

The filter bubble and our lack of curiosity about the unknown are forms of self defense. We're defending the self, keeping everything "ok" because that's a safe, low maintenance place to be.

The alternative is to sign up for a lifetime of challenging what the self believes. A journey to find more effectiveness, not more stability.

- Seth Godin


Passion and Purpose

You hear a lot of talk about finding passion or purpose in life. For many it seems passion and purpose are the keys to unlock this magical place called happiness. If you happen to be one of those people, good for you! But for the rest of us, waiting for those magical unicorns can be extremely limiting, even paralyzing. It can prevent us from putting all of ourselves into project or idea because it may not be what we think we are passionate about.

But, how do you know? Often times passion only comes after mastery.

So, I think a much more prudent approach to life—and something I always try to teach my son—is that it doesn’t matter so much what direction you choose, but that you pick a direction and move forward. Choose something, anything, and go for it. It may or may not end up being your thing. But, by going through the process, you will learn and grow, and that is never a bad thing. It turns out, we’re also much happier when we’re pursuing a goal of some kind instead of waiting for “someday.”

If you look at someone who has accomplished great things in life, it is with rare exception that their path was a straight one. Their path is far more likely to have been a squiggle with many loops, turns, deviations, and missteps along the way. It may seem that many of those paths and directions had nothing to do with where they ended up, yet they were all vital in shaping who they became.

We are the sum total our experiences in life. Even if we do something seemingly irrelevant to where we may end up, as long as we continue to learn and grow, those experiences become invaluable. It is those seemingly irrelevant experiences that often give us insight and allow us to see things in ways others cannot, that lead to creativity, and genius, and breakthroughs. So, don’t worry so much about whether or not you are fulfilling your ultimate purpose in life. Instead, pick a direction, move forward, do it to the best of your ability and grow. Choose to enjoy where you are and embrace the squiggle.


Learn Things Faster

The famous physicist, RIchard Feynman, whose entire life was one big, amazing squiggle, discovered early on that the surest path to mastery of any subject is the ability to break down complicated subjects to their simplest forms and teach them to others.




You Can’t Get Away With Staying Comfortable

Growth requires discomfort. If you stick with what is comfortable, you’re giving up any hope of surprising yourself, of finding greatness, of having the best experiences human life has to offer.



If I Owned A Jewelry Eyewear Store

Looking for some inspiration to transform a ho-hum eyewear experience that people clearly no longer need into one that people crave? You might just find some gold in this post.


Video of The Week:  How To Use The Lensmeter

This week we get comfortable reading a simple spherical single-vision lens in the lensmeter. As you’ll see, when you watch the video, we are putting together kits, available for OpticianWorks Total Access members to check out, that contain various types of lenses, frame fronts and assignments, to give you the ability to gain some practical experience. The kits won’t be fully available for another week or two. But instructions for requesting yours will be in OpticianWorks lesson on using the lensmeter.


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