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We’re Back!

John Seegers and I disappeared last week, taking a trip out to the lab in Iowa to shoot videos on surfacing and AR. There is a lot of editing work to do, but we got some good material that will result in some super cool videos coming out in September.

Of course, John being the Diva he is, now thinks he deserves a vacation, so he’ll be gone for the next two weeks, putting a further damper on video production. Truth be told (don’t tell him I said this), his vacation is well-earned.

Monday was, of course, Great American Eclipse Day. If you didn’t experience full totality in all its glory, start making plans for 2024. Don’t settle for 98 or 99%, you want to be in the path of totality! I was lucky enough to only have to drive about 40 min. John, had the damn thing go right over his house. I told you he was a Diva. Here are a couple of shots my son took during the event. If you have any you’d like to share, please, post them in the comments!



Defying The Retail Apocalypse

Malls are dying across the U.S., but not The Platform in LA.

“People are photographing every activity they’re doing,” says Fishbein. “[If] you can create these unique moments people want to be associated with, you can be a place they want to come back to.” The strategy is working so far: Fishbein says the average tenant is on track to take in $850 per square foot in annual sales, compared to an estimated $165 per square foot in shopping centers nationwide. “Traditional malls are formulaic,” says Jeff Green, founder of the real estate consultancy Jeff Green Partners. “There’s a Bath & Body Works in every center. [At Platform,] you don’t know what you’re going to find when you come back.” For Fishbein and Miller, it comes down to that element of surprise.


Advertising Is Not A Musk-Have

Elon Musk built an empire without advertising. Instead of advertising, Musk’s instincts led him to build a product [and experience] that compelled customers to advertise for him. Now companies like P&G are following suit.


Why You’re Not Happy With Your Miserable Career

The problem with your career is not the people you work with or the company you spend your days adding [or not adding] value to — the problem is you.



“The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything.”
—Milan Kundera


Waves are free

When someone lets you into the flow of traffic, or holds a door, or takes a second to acknowledge you, it's possible to smile and offer a wave in response.

This, of course, costs you nothing.

It creates a feeling of connection, which is valuable.

It makes it more likely that people will treat someone else well in the future.

And it might just brighten your day.

The simplest antidote to a tough day is generosity. Waves are free, and smiles are an irresistible bonus


As an optician, you have the opportunity to do this all day, every day. Your interaction and giving freely of your knowledge, kindness and best effort, can not only make the world a better place but also have the nice side-effect of improving your business.


Video Of The Week - Prentice’s Rule

Digging into our greatest hits collection, brush up on your prism calculation with three simple examples solving for prism error with Prentice’s Formula.

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