Optician Success 28

This Is Your Last Chance

After this there is no turning back.

You take the blue pill, opticians are minimally-trained warm bodies who are perfectly content playing “medical professional”, regurgitators of corporate marketing, middlemen who do little more than pass on what the big machines peddle. The machines give you instructions, provide you with a simple, comfortable existence, and reap the benefits of your labor. You continue to believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, opticians are responsible for their own successes and failures. You struggle as a creator, producer, life-long student, and careful curator. You make repairs, artfully edge lenses, take the time and develop the skills necessary to produce the best vision possible. You create meaningful and enjoyable experiences for customers, add value and personal touches, showcase unique and exciting frames, sell style and functionality that has the power to change lives. You constantly fight against the machines, striving to be more and do more for those that would otherwise be enslaved. Life is difficult in that there is no roadmap, there are no instructions and you work harder than everyone else. You have the opportunity to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes and what you are truly capable of. You find fulfillment in leading people to the truth that eyewear is much more that a medical device.


Ever Wonder Why Sunglasses Make Us Sexier?

Because medical devices are so hot, right? Maybe not. Learn the science of sexy suns.
Next Level Eyewear Crazy

A Wes Anderson meets Addams Family-style whodunnit and possibly the best ECP commercial ever made. I can’t even begin to imagine what this cost to produce.


Goals Are For Losers

We all have goals. My son, for example, (currently) wants to be an Olympic swimmer, a world-famous photographer, and a platinum-selling jazz fusion guitarist. Goals are good to have, right? If you are anything like me, you were brought up thinking it was important to set goals. You might even sit down at the beginning of each year to write down specific goals for the year. Some people call these New Year’s resolutions. How do those usually work out?

What I have begun to realize, is that when it comes to getting things done—a lesson my son is learning far quicker than I—is that goals (without this) are for losers. There is a far more effective way to make progress in the areas that are important to you. And he is using it to great effect.

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