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We Don’t Need No Education (What are you an idiot?)


Last week, I promised to tell you how opticians can rise from the depths of O’dom to  benefit themselves as well as the industry as a whole. Well, I am diligently writing, but Part II is not quite where I want it to be yet.  So, in the meantime, let me riff a little more about education. Keep in mind, I’m not talking about the solution to “Opticians Will Always Be Third”, just my position on one aspect of it.


Someone asked a week or so ago, if there is any value in free education. Predictably, most of the responses were an emphatic, “no”, using the rationale that “you get what you pay for” and the old mentality that “real” education comes from official institutions of higher learning. Clearly, these people don’t yet comprehend the power and potential of the connected age.


But, even before the Internet was what it is today, I’m here to tell you that the most valuable education I received in my life, both personally and professionally, was in fact free. And I’m not even referring to those ever-important life lessons. I’m referring to free education obtained through books, borrowed equipment, and people already in the field, that enabled me to change careers three times and make six figures in two of them (still working on the third;). It certainly wasn’t free in terms of time, sacrifice, and commitment.  But, it required nothing more (or less) than an insatiable desire to learn and the willingness to seek out and use every resource I had at my disposal. Ok, a few resources cost me some money, but we’re not talking about college degree money.  


My point here is that the value of an education has less to with what you pay for it and more to do with intent of the student. The most expensive education in the world means nothing if the student doesn’t have a true desire to learn. Education can be found everywhere. The most important education in life almost inevitably comes from experience, from trying and failing. You’ll hear opticians downplay the importance of education through experience, by bemoaning “the apprenticeship model”  then prop up the need for formal education. That may sound good for people trying to control an outcome, but the world is changing too fast. To stay relevant, each of us has to be willing be a perpetual student. A formal education is not enough. If you want to find (and maintain) optical retail success, you have no choice but to keep learning by every means available to you.


Thanks A Million


Handwritten letters and notes are read because they are so unique in this day and age. The temptation to automate mailings, recall notices, and every business process, is saving you time, but is it costing you money?


But what if your handwriting is so bad your customers wouldn’t be able to decipher it anyway? Here are some other options.



Smell It, Now Take It

Of the reasons people still choose to shop brick and mortar over online, 62% say, “so I can see, touch, and try things”, while 49% say, “so I can take it home immediately.” Now, tell me again why you don’t have in-office finishing?



Thief Of Happiness

The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Of those thoughts: 95% repeat each day and, on average, 80% of those are negative. Making a habit of asking yourself one simple question could help change that.



If I Owned A Jewelry Store


It would be extraordinarily different. Some great takeaways here for those interested in optical retail success. That wouldn’t be you, would it?


OpticianWorks Video Of The Week: Identifying Lens Materials


Ever wonder how to identify a lens material with nothing but the lens in front of you? John’s here to teach you how. 


Through the OpticianWorks free video lessons, Laramy-K Optical is making every effort to provide better and more accessible education for opticians everywhere, but we’re only able to do it with your support.

You can help keep it going in two ways:

Become a paid member of OpticianWorks.com for access to the best in online optician training (The videos are only a small portion).

Or, even better, open a Laramy-K Optical lab account for the very best in independent uncut work and we'll throw in the OpticianWorks memberships for free! Your customers and your staff will thank you!


I hope you enjoyed this edition of Optical Retail Success.  

Here’s to your success in this year and beyond.

Thanks for reading and sharing!



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