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Healthcare Is For Everyone

...and that, in a nutshell, is the problem.

There’s a saying in marketing that goes, “If you market to everyone, you sell to no one.” Of course, that didn’t matter back when “everyone” that came to eye doctor bought their eyewear in the office. But, we know all too well that’s no longer the case. Now, who you market to (who you speak to, who every aspect of your optical is designed to attract) is a not only important but a matter of survival.

If you find your customers are leaving to shop online, you may want to ask yourself, if you are still trying to sell to everyone. Then consider narrowing your focus—ideally, in an area you are passionate about. Build a small group of raving fans and they will help you grow.

The goal isn’t to have everyone as your customer. The goal is to have the right people.



Design Matters

Maarten Weidema of The Eyewear Forum Magazine visits with Daniel Feldman on the Optical Business Podcast and discusses the importance of using your environment to tell your story, differences in European eyewear design, and the widening price gap between budget and luxury.  



It’s Not The Fall That Hurts

While off-price outlets (TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, Homegoods, etc.) have had a run of wild success and have been a handy way to unload unsold or unwanted merchandise, lower prices and jumbled merchandise take a toll on the brands they sell. In fact, pulling back on off-price sales and discounts was the foundation of Coach's recent comeback.


The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win. Or even worse, you might come in second.

—Seth Godin



Mass to Class

Walmart is trying to move upmarket. Yes, you heard that right, Walmart. Through a combination of tech, premium services, and a new luxury brand portfolio, as well as a new “corporate conscience” they’re intent on transforming the brand. Can they successfully make the transition from “low price leader” to a destination for debutantes?



Outside the Box

Big box is losing relevance in the retail landscape because; one, consumers are spending less on goods and more on experiences and two, people are turning away from mass market toward personalization.



Dino Might?

Jurassic Park is a classic for many reasons: Timeless dinosaur effects, stellar performances, an iconic score, and of course, Jeff Goldblum. But an overlooked and supremely important aspect of Jurassic Park is its commitment to practical, fashionable eyewear. So in honor of Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary, here’s a countdown of the best glasses in Jurassic Park.



Absolutely, Positively

Success is all about happiness, but joy is not in things; it is in us. It sounds simple enough—but it’s all too easy to forget. We have a tendency to seek out those we can share our negative experiences with (i.e. complain), but it turns out it is vastly more important that we have people with whom we can share our positive experiences as well.



Video of The Week:  Monocular Decentration and Blocking

This week we continue our series on finishing layout work. In this less, on we work through three examples of calculating decentration for simple monocular PDs and show how that is applied in a manual blocker. Our final example includes a lens that requires out decentration and zero.


Free in-office finishing course available at https://opticianworks.com/edge



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