Optician Success 52

In celebration of one full year of Optician Success (no small accomplishment for someone with the attention span of a goldfish!), I am traveling with my son to see U2. So, this week I’m going to keep it short.


You Are At War With Amazon

Can you make it 10 rounds?

Buying stuff on Amazon is ridiculously easy.  It’s not particularly fun and the website is anything but attractive, but it’s just so damn easy. I can be camping for the weekend with a friend, who is raving about a pair of hiking socks he discovered. Instead of hoping I remember to look for them the next time I’m shopping for gear, I can type the name of the socks into my phone (while he talks) and then, almost as if by magic, they arrive at my door on Monday. Amazon literally has speed and convenience down to a science. If that weren’t enough, they’re conditioning our buying habits.

Fortunately, buying eyewear online isn’t quite so easy… yet.  

But, then Amazon isn’t in the game… yet.

Which means you still have some time.

Fortunately, even after your customers are able to get their eyes checked on Amazon and their glasses delivered for free, there are still three key areas where the savvy optician can maintain the advantage

1. Speed - Until Amazon has more drones in the sky than birds, the absolute best they can deliver, is overnight. A properly staffed and equipped optician, on the other hand, can deliver eyewear to most customers almost instantly.

2. Customer Experience - Amazon is 100% transactional. Click and done. That’s it. For a time, shopping was viewed by many as entertainment—until it became easier to shop from the couch. Consequently, retailers who haven’t realized they have to be more than a transaction are disappearing faster than you can say shopping mall.  So, increasingly, it takes an experience that engages the senses, intellect, and emotions of your customers (or at least gives them an opportunity to take a selfie)  to get them into the store. Something you can’t get from the click of a mouse.

3. Community -  In spite of our smartphone and social media addictions, most of us still crave belonging and real social interaction. Visit any major city and you’ll see  people gravitate to public spaces. Parks, squares, coffee shops and bars all serve as places where people of similar interest can gather. Yes, you’re in business to make money. But, providing that space (and a reason to gather) helps build a tightly connected community of customers who share a common passion and raises your store from being a place of commerce to a place of culture.


Video of The Week:  Yo, Adrienne!

This week we finally take a break from lensmeters to deliver a punch with a lesson on the boxing system.

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P.S. In keeping with the theme, I thought I’d throw in the scene from Rock Balboa, one of my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Optician Success.

Until next time,

Thanks again for reading!



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