Optician Success 43



There’s No Eye in Team

As an optician you most likely have to work as part of a team. You also probably know that true, effective teamwork can be hard to achieve. To build a more cohesive, effective team it’s good know the reasons why teamwork can be so elusive.



You’re Fired!

To build a great team, sometimes you have to make difficult decisions regarding who gets to remain on the team. Here are nine signs that someone might not be a good fit.


Seeing Past Your Nose

Step 11 of the Ultimate Guide to Becoming  A Rock Star Optician is to look outside of optical. All of retail is going through massive change, so it can be beneficial to look to other sectors for businesses that are finding success. The issues you face with customers and sales are not unique. Online sales, showrooming, falling margins, customer education are all being struggled with and handled successfully and unsuccessfully in other retail sectors.  Learn from both. Find out here what you can learn from your local grocery. 


Mindful P’s & Q’s

Being a retail professional, anger is an emotion most opticians have to deal with from time to time. But when not properly acknowledged, anger can harm our physical health and relationships. Being mindful of anger means not suppressing, denying or avoiding it and also not acting out in harmful ways. In other words, choosing how you respond.

Like Pulling Teeth

You don’t see dentists pushing drills, pliers, and x-rays as part of their marketing promotions. Instead, you see lots of happy, healthy smiles. Yet for some reason, images of phoropters, autorefractors, and snellen charts seem natural in the world of optical. Are we doing this to attract customers or satisfy our own egos? Here’s a hint: people like being happy, but going to the doctor? Not so much.


You can disdain gravity all you want, call out its unfairness, seek to have it banned. But that's not going to help you build an airplane. - Seth Godin


Video of The Week: You’ll Be Sayin’ Wow!

Inspired by Vince of Slap Chop and ShamWow fame, we had some fun with this one. Yes it was delayed, but we hope you’ll find it worth the wait. So, without further adieu, How to Use The Lensmeter: Parts, Focus, and Setup of the Marco LM 101.


It seems Vince is an inspiring guy. Just for pure fun, here is one of my all time favorites. Earworm Warning; You’re gonna be singing this all day.



Your Customers Will Be Sayin’ Wow!

Check out the this truly amazing lineup of freeform lenses, with the numbers to back it up. You’ll have your customers sayin’ wow!



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