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 This came across my email the other day and I thought it was good enough to share. Written by someone outside the industry, it clearly demonstrates a significant advantage brick and mortar opticals can have over online retailers.

Gotta Go Fast

My kids crawled into my bed yesterday (no small feat given that they’re 14 and 11 and pretty much giants now), and they showed me the History of the Entire World, I Guess. It’s just under 20 minutes long and it covers a LOT of history so fast your brain will melt a bit. And it’s funny and it skims a LOT of details (the world in 20 minutes? Skimming= obvious). But I bet they can quote more details and waypoints in history than those of us who had to read long and stodgy books and try to memorize timelines.

It’s a weird example, but it points to something: immediacy. Velocity. We want what we want now.

The other day, I accidentally flushed my prescription glasses down my parents’ toilet in Las Vegas. I was dismayed when I found out replacements wouldn’t come for 7-to-10 days. Not fast enough.

See? We’re trained for fast.

Velocity is a Powerful Metric

Amazon Prime. Two days in most places (one HOUR in some). Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Now. Spotify. Now. I get my groceries sent to my house from a service called Peapod for $5 (which is worth it, versus one hour walking around a grocery store and schlepping it all home).

McDonald's has home delivery in over 1000 locations and climbing.

Here’s your quote du jour: “Delivery is the new retail.” (tweetable)

Think about it. Technology has removed barriers in so many places and ways that we’re getting used to having what we want as near-instantly as possible.

How Fast Are You?

One huge way to compete is to be faster than the other guy. But “faster” doesn’t have to mean hurried. You can “hide” the faster in other places. You can deliver an incredible and unrushed experience to your customer or guest or client by making your processes faster or better or easier to deliver than your competitors.

But to do that, you have to walk through the process as it exists today. You have to think about all the aspects your buyer faces. And you have to think about where it would make sense and where not.

Wait. What if you DON’T want to get faster? Like all things, you don’t have to do it. But I’m looking for a new supplier of eyeglasses because 7-10 days is too long. I order about 90% of things I buy from Amazon (maybe more) because 2 days delivery. My groceries come to me.

And that’s the trend. It’s not just me. I’m not in futureville here. It’s what “people” want.

Velocity. Yikes. Fast can feel scary. But just realize this: you can make PARTS of what you do faster and thus have time and room to slow down and smell the roses in the other parts.

What do you think?

—Chris Brogan…

Laramy-K can can get you a pair of surfaced uncuts as fast as Amazon Prime.


Video of The Week:  Framed! Using Prentice’s Rule To Calculate Your Prism Sentence

Found frequently on ABO exams, John gets lots of questions on prism calculations. Watch as he goes through an example using Prentice's Formula to calculate how much prism is induced when you raise the frame on the wearers face, by squeezing the nose pads together.

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