OpenOptix Finishing Lab Manual

Welcome to the project page for the OpenOptix Finishing Lab Manual. The Finishing Lab Manual is the product of the OpenOptix initiative, a communty effort designed to produce free and open optical knowledge content and improve optical care worldwide. The Finishing Lab Manual has not yet been written and is in need of authors. The outline for the project is below. If you or someone you know would like to help write or contribute material,  please, contact Keith Benjamin.

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OpenOptix Finishing Lab Manual Outline

Section 1 Equipment, Stock Lenses, and Fabrication Process

  1. Pattern Maker
  2. Blocker
  3. Tracer
  4. Manual and Automatic Edger
  5. Stock Lenses and Inventory
  6. Process and Layout of a Finishing Lab

Section 2 Verification, Neutralization, Surface Quality, and Spotting

  1. Power (Meridians of Power)
  2. Minimum Blank Size, OC, MRP, NRP, DRP, and PRP
  3. Neutralization (Minus Cyl)
  4. Neutralization (Plus Cyl)
  5. Neutralization of Multifocal and Progressive Lenses
  6. Surface Quality, Blemishes, and Scratches
  7. Marking SV, Multi, and Progressive lenses

Section 3 Decentration

  1. Horizontal Decentration
  2. Vertical Decentration
  3. DPD vs NPD
  4. Inset and Segment Height

Section 4 Blocking

  1. Pads, Blocks, and Accessories
  2. Blocking SV Lenses
  3. Blocking Multifocal Lenses
  4. Blocking Progressive Lenses
  5. Pushing
  6. Thin Lenses
  7. Edge Downs

Section 5 Patterns

  1. Manual Patterns
  2. Patttern Maker
  3. Frame Difference and Set Size
  4. Optically Centered vs. Mechanically Centered Patterns

Section 6 Edging (Manual and Automatic)

  1. Chucking
  2. Bevels and Bevel Selections
  3. Thin Lenses, Coatings, and Materials Settings
  4. Edging Cycles (Roughing and Finishing)
  5. Manual Settings and Operations
  6. Automatic Settings and Operations
  7. Pin Bevel, Grooving, and Drilling
  8. Sizing and Touch-ups

Section 7 Deblocking

  1. Tools and Process
  2. Special Considerations (Thin Lenses, Flexure, and AR)

Section 8 Mounting Lenses

  1. Metal
  2. Zyl (cold snap and heat)
  3. Grooved
  4. Rimless
  5. Bench Aligning
  6. Temples and Nosepads
  7. Extracting and Drilling Screws
  8. Restringing Nylons

Section 9 Hand Edging

  1. Pin Beveling
  2. Modifying Shape
  3. Hidden Bevels
  4. 45 degree Bevels
  5. Corrections

Section 10 Maintenance and Calibration

  1. Lensometer
  2. Blocker
  3. Tracer
  4. Edger
  5. Hand Stone

Section 11 ANSI and Final Inspection

  1. ANSI
  2. Steps in Final Inspection
  3. Checklist