A flurry of new lens products have come available in the last month. Here are a few that may be of interest:

  • X-Cel Aris TrivexX-Cel Optical now offers Trivex product under the brand name Aris. Aris is available in Freedom ID progressive, FSV, SFSV, D-28, and 7x28, in clear, Transitions, NXT sunwear, and NXT photochromics. See the X-Cel website for complete availability.
  • Younger DrivewearDrivewear from Younger Optics is now available and in-stock, in SV polycarbonate. While I'm quite sure of the significance, you can watch the "trailer" here.
  • Zeiss GT2 is available in plastic polarized gray.
  • Also of note: Laramy-K Optical can now order FT-35 and 7x28 in 1.6. 
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