I wanted to share some feedback with you to not only let you know OpenOptix educational material works but also to let you know your efforts are having a positive impact and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your contribution to optical education. I am in the process to develop a training manual for Optical Laboratory technicians in South Africa. We do not have any formal training in this field. Everything the guys learn is from in-house training. Your free information has been super to help me to put together the first part of the training manual. I am very excited about the Lab Finishing Manual.

It had been 18 years since I passed the A.B.O.C. at that time I got an 87. I used the material that your site has, in May I passed it with a 92. Thanks for letting an old dog learn some new tricks.

An office near me that had several people (none opticians) pass the ABO in May just by using the [OpenOptix ABO] study guide.

I passed the ABO in May! It was my first attempt and I know that I passed because of the help and materials that OpenOptix provided me. I took the test with 2 other coworkers. Both of them had taken the test several times and had yet to pass. I gave them your website and told them to study the material and take the sample test. Well, they took my advice and they also passed! So, thank you again and please relay my thanks to all the members and contributors who helped write the material. It is because of your easy to read and memorize text that I was able to pass the test on the first try! I look forward to taking the NCLE in November and guess who's material I will be using? OpenOptix of course!

I passed with an 88% and this was my first time taking the test. Your material was fantastic! My other two co-workers and used other materials. One scored a 71% and the other a 75%. We all studied about the same amount of time.

Thank you very much for sharing ABO material to us. As matter of fact, those were so helpful for me to be able to pass my examination.

I'm using this because it's far easier than dragging out my text books. I haven't worked as an Optician in over 10 years and am trying to get back in the field. I think this is going to be very helpful in helping to refresh my knowledge. I remember some of this but not all. I'm thankful that a site like this is around for someone like me.

Thank you for putting the OpenOptix study guide together, your hard work is greatly appreciated. I will be taking the ABO in the spring here in Missouri and have been using your study guide. My eyeglass manager thinks the material is very good and was impressed.

We still need you help. There is much left to do. We need to continue work on the NCLE guide and get the lab manual rolling. As you can see, there is a definitely a demand out there for quality optical education material and providing it for free helps people all over the world in immeasurable ways.

Thanks for your help and keep spreading the word!