Progressive Lens Identifier

Ever need to identify a progressive lens or need to look up availabilty and don't have an OLA book on hand? In case you haven't discovered it yet, Laramy-K Optical has put together an interactive progressive lens tool that can help. In the near future we'll release a new version with more data and more features that should prove even more useful.

Interactive Progressive Lens Identifier Tool


  1. What is progressive with




  2. I would guess it is a Seiko Optical “Supremacy Short” or a “Proceed Short” 1.67

  3. I am trying to identify a progressive that has a circle with 160 above it and JB16 below it. Thanks for your help!

  4. Please can you identify the following

    Nasal S

    Temple 00

  5. Which progressive is identified as follows:

    temple 27H7
    nasal CAO


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