Photo Credit: Ambergris via FlickrI came across Judy Canty’s article in this months ECP magazine. As soon as I started reading it, my stomach began to turn. My head started to shake. I am thinking, “Oh please, no more patient bashing. These are the people we make our living off of and this is what is wrong with retail optical…”

I took a deep breath, clinched my jaw, and kept reading.

My churning stomach soon gave way to a tinge of excitement. My jaw loosened and the corners of my mouth turned upward as one by one, Judy turned the stereotypes into people opticians love. It seems these stereotypes represent real people with real problems. While they can present a challenge at times, treating them like customers and helping them to leave your store happy can make it all worth while.

My cynicism was unwarranted.

Bravo Judy. Bravo.