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In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.
—Dwight D. Eisenhower


Back in Business, Baby!?

Parts of the U.S. are attempting to open back up. In my own State of Georgia restaurants, gyms, massage parlors, nail salons, and hairdressers are back in business tomorrow… provided they maintain social distancing protocols. Now, how anyone gets a massage, tattoo, or hair cut from 6-feet away is still a little fuzzy to me.  Also fuzzy, is how the virus suddenly seems to have lost its potency now that we’ve stayed home for a few weeks. 

Clearly, sheltering in place is having the intended effect on the numbers, perhaps even better than expected, but that doesn’t make the virus any less lethal or any less capable of re-exploding and overwhelming our health care systems. The potential is still there. The same virus we watched tear across the globe hasn’t gone away.  

Trust me when I say, I want to see things get back to normal as much as anyone. Our crew of 25 at the lab is down to 5.  And the mixed messages we hear tainted with politics occasionally cloud my judgment or make me question whether or not things are really “that bad.” On occasion, I’ve found myself wanting to believe it’s not, but I always come back to one thing.

What we have seen happen across the globe is real and the ONLY way this virus situation can be over is for one of three things to happen:

  1. We have a vaccine. If you listen to the real experts (not the talking heads) 12-18 months is a pipe dream, assuming we can even develop one that is safe enough to distribute to the entire global population. But even then the issue that is almost never raised is after a vaccine has been found to be safe and effective, how long does it take to produce in the quantities necessary to inoculate nearly 8 billion people?
  2. We establish herd immunity, which means enough people have been infected and recovered with antibodies so that the virus can no longer effectively spread person to person. This number is roughly 60% of the population which equates to nearly 200 million people infected and 2 million dead in the U.S. alone. 
  3. We come up with an effective way to treat the symptoms of the virus. While the seemingly the most likely near(er)-term of the three, nothing effective enough to sufficiently minimize the problem appears to be on the horizon. 

So where does that leave us? Theoretically, with proper governmental leadership, we can get our testing an contact tracing infrastructure to the point—with a continual flux of individuals and communities in and out of quarantine based on exposure and established immunity—where if we are taking appropriate precautions, we can get back to some semblance of business before one of the above. 

Given the time frame, we clearly will have to find a way to get people back out working before the virus is no longer a threat. 

When considering time frames, it might also provide more perspective to know that Germany has already canceled Oktoberfest which hasn’t happened since WWII and colleges are considering canceling Fall semesters. 

Undoubtedly, many will try to return too quickly and/or without proper precautions. We’ll learn the hard way. We’ll scale up and have to pull back. 

But again, to paraphrase Eisenhower, plans are useless but planning is indispensable. So, as has been a recurring theme here at Optical Retail Success, here are 15 things to consider when making the decision to reopen. 


Coronapennies from Heaven (or Hell)

Congress approved more funding for the PPP and EIDL programs, so if you missed out on the first round, contact your bank ASAP. Also approved: unemployment for the solo, freelancer, or self-employed in the amount of $600/wk through July. 

NFIB Update (4/22) 


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Exercise Your Mind 

IOT Webinar: 

Importance of POW Measurements - Today! April 23 at 12 pm EST


OpticianWorks Video of the Week: Eyes and DALs

It's not a progressive lens, it's not a lined multi-focal, and it's not a blended round segment. Here we take a first look at the DAL (direct addition lens); a new modular approach to multifocal lenses. Surfaced with freeform equipment, the concept attempts to combine the wide viewing area of a lined bifocal or trifocal lens with the smooth transition and invisible appearance of a progressive lens by seamlessly connecting independent lens segments through a “gate” with a common surface tangent.


Laramy-K Optical is still open!

We’re running on a skeleton crew, but doing our best to stick around and be the best independent optical lab for you and our staff on the other side. 

Until next time, hang in there and we’ll try to do the same! 


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