Optical Retail Success 171


Tasty nuggets of random goodness; tips, stories, and science hand-picked to help you find the most success in your life and optical retail business/career.


Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. 

― Albert Einstein


It’s All in Your Mind


No one has taught me more about human potential and the power of the mind than David Goggins. The story he tells here doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this man has overcome and the feats he has accomplished through the power of his mind. I highly recommend picking up his book, Can’t Hurt Me (or even better listening to the audio version because of the candid conversations he has at the beginning and end of each chapter).

A couple of warnings: If you’re offended by language don’t bother and the beginning may start to sound like a cheesy self-help book. It's not.) 

If you're not ready to drop the coin just yet, you can check out his interviews with Rich Roll  or Joe Rogan.  Guaranteed to blow your mind. 


The Red Pill or the Blue Pill


It turns out that optical illusions and visual processing can teach us a lot about blind spots in our thinking; how our brains are, in essence, broken; and even that, much, if not all, of our reality is an illusion. 

More importantly, recognizing and becoming aware of how what you see may not actually be true, can help you to spot bias (in the thinking of others as well as your own) and will in all likelihood make you a better person. 



Thinking about Thinking

Researchers have found that simply reading this article can make you better at creating and problem solving, no matter what type of challenge you are currently facing. 

The Mindset You Need to Succeed at Every Goal 


Curbside Appeal

The “new” last mile of the customer journey emerging from the pandemic is positively rife with opportunity. Once curbside execution is mastered, attention can be turned to surprising — and, yes, delighting — your shoppers. 


Put Yourself in Good Hands (Your Own)

In uncertain times, we have to ask ourselves: What assets would we most want to have in the case of a prolonged downturn? And what steps can we take to obtain them today? By seizing the initiative now, you’ll have created—in small, manageable ways—”career insurance” that will see you through, regardless of how your company or industry fares moving forward. 

So, turn off the Netflix and get after it. 


OpticianWorks Video of the Week: Anti-Fog Treatments - Do They Work?

In our usual unscientific style, John tries to come up with some unusual ways to compare six different solutions for reducing lens fogging to find out if any of them actually work and if so, which performs best. The list includes OptiFog, Clarity Defog It, No Fog Cloth, a simple AR coating, and shaving cream. 


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