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“Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions.” 

—Marcus Aurelius


Just A Huge Distraction

The politics, the “news”, the fear, the division; it’s so easy to get drawn into it all. What could have been? What should have been? Who is right? Who is wrong? What awful fate lies around the corner?  

But here’s the thing. None of it matters. 

How can I say that when millions of people are out of work and thousands are dying every day? 

Because this is where we are today. This is the situation we find ourselves in.

We have no control over the events that brought us here. We cannot move to an alternate reality where politicians made different decisions. Nor are we in a future where we imagine a terrible fate for our businesses, our jobs, or our lives.  

We are here today.

Unfortunately, our brains don’t care much for the present. We’d much rather complain about what has already happened or worry about what might be. This is why the media, politicians, and ideologues are able to so effectively use fear and blame as a terrible, destructive, divisive, distraction, that takes us away from what matters most. 

They pit us against one another, taking advantage of our most base instincts from the oldest part of our brain, for the simple reason that fear and anger sell. It sells views, clicks, and votes, all of which translate to money and power. Sure, it’s nothing new and I don’t believe it to be a massive conspiracy. However, technology allows it to happen on a larger scale and with greater efficiency than ever before. We are being systematically divided at time when we need to be united. 

Think about other times of crisis. People put their differences aside and care for each other. That doesn’t seem to be what we are feeling now. Sure, we see pockets of great people doing amazing things for one another, but that feeling of unity is not there. 

Let’s not resign ourselves to division. Let’s use this time well and refuse to be manipulated. The shouting voices don’t actually care about us. They want us fired up and angry. Because, again, it means more votes, more views, and more power. 

Turn off the news. It poisons your mind (or in my case, makes me feel like I’ve lost it.) If you need information, look for people who know what they are talking about. Sure, they’re a little harder to find because they’re not shouting and don’t have an agenda, but they’re out there trying to help. Keep an open mind. The real world isn’t black and white and it sure as hell isn’t Red vs. Blue. Just because someone is on your “team” or is saying things you agree with doesn’t mean they are right. None of us, nor our “teams” have a monopoly on the truth.

More importantly, let’s use this time to figure out how we can take care of ourselves and those around us. Let’s figure out how we can adapt to the new reality instead of complaining about it. Let’s plan for the worst and hope for the best. Let’s worry about what we can control because that’s what matters most. 

Even if all this a creation of a hysterical media (I don’t believe it is), we are moving into a new world. Our jobs, our lives, and our businesses will be different in ways that go beyond masks, handwashing, and social distancing. Much of it, we’ll have to figure out as we go along. So, let’s not allow ourselves to be manipulated and distracted by things we cannot control.  Let’s instead work on finding our way to this new world together and figure out how we can create value for one another once we’re there. 


OpticianWorks Video of the Week: Verification or Final Inspection

Learn the step by step process of verification or final inspection. Find out what you should be looking for in both the frame and the lenses for single vision or progressives pairs before handing them over to your customer. 


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