Are You Leaving Your Patients Exposed To A Hidden UV Danger?

Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) causes sunburn, skin cancers, melanoma as well as cataracts. High energy visible light (HEV) and UVR have been linked to age-related macular degeneration, pinguecala, and ptergium. While most modern lens materials block the passage of dangerous UVR, there remains a hidden danger.

eye diseases from UV

With or without a traditional AR coating, a significant amount UV can be reflected from the backside of the lens and enter the eye. Particularly in activities such as golf, fishing, hiking, and cycling, the head is often pointed downward allowing more sunlight to hit back of the wearer’s lenses.

Most AR coatings prevent the reflection of visible light, but many contain UV reflectors that can bounce harmful UV directly back into the eye. A pair of sunglasses with conventional backside AR protects the eyes from visible light causing increased dilation and allowing even more reflected UVR into the eye.

As the ophthalmic industry continues to grow in its understanding and knowledge of the damaging effects caused by UVR and HEV, Laramy-K Optical has made available an AR coating solution to provide protection from the dangerous results associated with UVR and HEV, like those shown below.

UVARity provides all features of TKO Ultra (premium AR, super hydro, thermal hard coat, and non-slip powder coat) with the added protection of reducing the amount of reflected UVA and HEV rays by up to 95% when compared to non-UV AR coatings, at NO additional cost.