Your optical laboratory bill is likely your single largest monthly investment. Here's why you might consider having your digital and conventional surfacing and AR coating processed at Laramy-K Optical:

  • Work with people that will listen to your independent business needs and concerns. - Your success is our livelihood.
  • Forget about availability! With our digital freeform equipment and AR lab, we can produce virtually any combination of material, coating, and design you can come up with
  • Dictate your own tolerances and have your lens surfacing and AR coatings done right the first time. - We like to say "ANSI is for amateurs."
  • Challenge us with your most difficult prescriptions and get optimal results. If you ever have a surfacing job another laboratory says can't be done, run it by us. We love a challenge!
  • Have your uncut work shipped the same day - one to three days with AR coatings or thermal hard coatings.
  • Avoid automated phone system hell and immediately speak with a real live person when you call Laramy-K Optical.
  • Have your Premium AR and other coatings applied in-house to ensure process adherence and timeliness - Process adherence in the laboratory is the most important factor in AR quality, not brand.
  • Never worry whether or not you are receiving our best price - our published price is our best price and you'll never be surprised with hidden fees or exorbitant add-on charges.
  • Receive a 10% discount simply for paying your invoice on time.
  • Count on friendly, unbiased, independent recommendations and advice.
  • Receive FREE overnight shipping for the first month. Ground and first class Rx shipments are always FREE.
  • Even if you don't do business with us, consider Laramy-K Optical a resource. We are here to serve the independent practitioner and will be happy to answer any questions you may have via phone, fax, or email. If you have an urgent question, simply call and say, "My customer is waiting." and we will assist you, no questions asked.
  • Lighten up, enjoy what you do, and have fun! - we do.

Request a price list or give us a call at 800.525.1274, we'd be happy to talk with you.

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