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Lens Edging and Finishing Lab Services Now Available!

Lens Finishing/Edging Services at Laramy-K Optical Lab
Welcome to Laramy-K Optical Lab, your independent optical wholesale lab where precision meets innovation in lens finishing and edging. Our lab is dedicated to providing superior lens finishing services for a wide range of eyewear needs. We take pride in our ability to handle complex prescriptions and challenging frame styles with exceptional skill and accuracy.

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Wrap Frame Lens Finishing

Laramy-K's finishing expertise extends to the precise edging and finishing of high-base curve lenses and wrap-around frames, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal vision. We understand the unique demands of wrap frames and employ specialized techniques to maintain lens integrity and visual clarity, even with steep curves.


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Tailored High-Power Lens Edging

At Laramy-K, we specialize in both surfacing and edging high-power lenses. Our advanced technology and expert technicians ensure that even the most complex prescriptions are handled with precision, optimizing for both optics and aesthetics. We understand the importance of accuracy in high-power lens edging and strive to deliver lenses that offer clear and comfortable vision, tailored to your patients' and clients' needs.

Precision Rimless and Three-Piece Mounts

For patients who prefer the elegance and subtlety of rimless or three-piece mounts, Laramy-K offers meticulous finishing and assembly services. We handle each piece with care, ensuring that the final product not only looks impeccable but also offers reliability and comfort. Our precision drilling and edge polishing techniques are tailored to maintain the integrity and aesthetics of these sophisticated frame styles.


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Chemistrie Magnetic Clips for Versatile Eyewear

Provide your patients with the ultimate convenience of Chemistrie magnetic clips. These innovative attachments allow for a quick transition from prescription eyewear to sunglasses, readers, night-driving glasses, and more offering patients a versatile solution for their visual needs. By incorporating Chemistrie clips into your practice, you give your patients the freedom and flexibility they desire, elevating their satisfaction and loyalty. 


Your Partner in Optical Excellence

At Laramy-K Optical Lab, we are more than just a lab; we are your partner in delivering optical excellence. Our commitment to precision and quality in lens finishing and edging translates into a higher level of satisfaction for your patients and a strengthened trust in your practice. Choose Laramy-K Optical Lab to enhance the value and range of your optical services, ensuring every patient leaves with eyewear that is as unique and exceptional as they are.


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