How does Laramy-K service give you the edge?
Are you struggling to find a lab that can get you the lenses you need, without excessive errors, in a timely fashion, with clear communication about availability and delays?
How much time and expense are lost on redos, delays and unhappy customers?

Now, imagine your lab hand-walking a special attention, rush job through the line with personal status updates; having your uncut work shipped in 1-3 days, if not sooner; or getting real advice from knowledgeable staff (who answer the phone), based on the feedback from hundreds of thousands of jobs, not the latest line of marketing hype. 

Laramy-K staff looks over every order before it gets entered into our system. If anything looks off, say a PD, seg height, b-measurement, we'll call you back to make sure everything was entered correctly. If we think you might have better results with a different design or material we'll make those suggestions. Likewise, if see an option for you to save money with a stock lens over a surfaced lens, we'll let you know. 

We try very hard to treat each job as if it were our own, making every effort to optimize for both optics and aesthetics. As our president, Janet Benjamin, likes to say, "We make eye jewelry."

All of which we do to reduce your lab errors, save you both time and money, but most importantly make your patients and customers happy. 

Laramy-K is staffed by friendly experts who can find the lens I want and give me real reasons for their answers. They make me feel valued when I call. All the phone people understand lenses and know me and my quirks and preferences.

When a new lab calls, I tell 'em they'll never get me to divorce my lab. When I say that, they often guess who my lab is, which tells me that a lot of other customers feel the same way. I also get the utmost accuracy, and speedy results.

Steve Grabowski

Optician/Owner, Optical Fashions/The Spectacle Emporium

My family has been in the retail optical business for over 100 years and has done business with many wholesale optical labs. Laramy-K Optical has proven to us over the past 25 years they offer the highest quality uncut lenses, quick turnaround time, and competitive pricing. They are true partners in our business and realize that our success is their success. Their policies are extremely fair. We never seriously consider using any other lab for our primary lab.
Tom Harris

Optican/Owner, Harris Opticians

Janet and crew have an uncanny way of making us feel as if we are their only customer. I've been in the biz for more than 50 yrs and never had this service before.
Clive Noble

Owner/Optician, Focus On Eyes

There's a saying that says, 'a company is only as good as the lab that is behind it.' You run an excellent lab!!
It is so nice to know that if I don't have the answer, I can count on you & your staff. Whether it's how to buff up the edge of a polished lens or what base curve a lens comes in, etc, it's nice to be able to call on you. I don't know who puts the sweets in our Friday delivery but at 4pm on Monday they sure taste great!! Thank you, Janet, for all of your help & support. You have a great staff.... especially Doreen!

Michelle Bundy

Optican, Bundy Opticians

In an impersonal world, I highly value business partners whose relationships can transcend business to become friends. Janet Benjamin and the team at Laramy-K, have become both co-workers and friends. We can call and discuss our optical challenges and share our vacation experiences at the same time. That's family!
Richard Homier

Optican/Owner, Optical Perspectives