How does Laramy-K pricing give you an edge?

Your lab bill is likely the single largest expense (or investment) you have each month. So, it makes sense it would be one of the first places you look to save money. Saving money gives you an edge.

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So, how do you save with Laramy-K?

First, as an independent optical lab, rest assured you always have our best price. We don’t play games with different price lists, mystery fees, and secret discounts for special customers. Our published price is our best price. No haggling. No surprises.

Your biggest savings could come when you stop losing money due to costly delays, lab errors, and unhappy customers.

You're the kind of person that pays your bills on time. We'll give you 10% off every invoice just for that!

You'll also get 33% off every second pair for up to 60 days after the first sale, saving you money AND helping improve your second pair sales.

Plus two free remakes on all Integrity lenses.

Special treatment saves you even more.
Let's say you order a surfaced lens and it is available in a stock lens for less. We’ll make you aware of the less expensive option, calling you back, if necessary.


Shipping costs make a significant percentage your lab bill. We know this so, to save you money on shipping:

If you only have stock lenses or one Rx shipping on a particular day, we’ll call you with the option of holding that order to ship with other orders.

We've got your back!

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Laramy-K is your best investment.
You may find other labs offering specific lenses at less than cost in an effort to buy your business. We believe you get what you pay for and prefer to earn your business. Our pricing may not always be the cheapest, but it will represent the best value. When you compare your total lab bill and the cost of doing business, choosing Laramy-K will put you ahead. Add to that reduced headaches, improved quality, consistency, and service and it’s a no-brainer. Laramy-K is your best investment.