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What are Chemistrie Clip-Ons Lenses?

Chemistrie Clips feature a patented design, comprising a slim set of premium lenses that directly connect to your eyeglasses using tiny magnets (2mm) embedded in your prescription lenses. They effortlessly convert any glasses into prescription sunglasses, reading glasses, night driving, computer glasses, and other specialized eyewear.

Tailored to fit almost any frame and prescription, each Chemistrie Clip is individually crafted. They offer further personalization through choices in bridge style, magnet color, and even optional crystals. Ideal for those who find it impractical to buy an additional pair of prescription eyewear, Chemistrie Clips provide a cost-effective and adaptable solution. 

How Can Chemistrie Clip-Ons Be Used?

Sun Protection - Chemistrie Sun

Chemistrie Sun offers a modern solution for prescription glasses wearers who need sun protection without the cost of prescription sunglasses or the bulkiness of traditional clip-ons. These innovative sunlenses easily attach to any glasses with a simple magnetic snap.

They can be made in polarized, non-polarized, gradient tint, and mirrored options. 


Mirror Colors Available:

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chemistrie plus readers

Reading Glasses - Chemistrie Plus

Instantly transform your any glasses into dedicated readers with the snap of a magnet! Chemistrie Plus Clips are fully detachable lens layers, utilizing magnets embedded in the lenses to quickly and easily snap on to any frame.

For those prescription eyeglass wearers who prefer readers, nothing is quicker and more convenient than Chemistrie Plus.

Chemistrie for Night Driving

Combine the ease and convenience of Chemistrie magnetic clips with Laramy-K's first-of-its-kind coating for night driving.

Not to be confused with dangerous yellow tinted "night-driving glasses", Nightlite is applied with an AR stack, and designed to absorb wavelengths that cause star and halo effects, while softening the harsh lights of the road without compromising vision on any other spectrum.


Chemistrie Color- for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD)

Moving away from the traditional heavily tinted lenses in red, pink, or green, Chemistrie Color lenses are crafted using a unique artificial intelligence program. This program identifies the optimal lens filter for various types of CVD. The lenses are made from exclusive, high-quality dye compounds and lightweight HiVex material.

This innovative approach allows the lenses to selectively filter parts of the visible light spectrum, enhancing contrast and color differentiation. As a result, individuals with CVD can perceive a broader range of colors and shades, enriching their visual experience.

Chemistrie Color (CVD) Lens Options

There are three lens versions of Chemistrie Color: outdoor moderate, outdoor severe and indoor. It is recommended that the lens version is chosen based on the severity of a patient’s CVD. 

Outdoor Moderate Lens - designed to be worn in outdoor sun and overcast conditions.

Outdoor Severe Lens - designed for those with more severe CVD and should be worn outdoors.

Indoor Lens - designed to be worn indoors or in outdoor overcast conditions.


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Blue Light (HEV) Protection - Chemistrie Blue

Chemistrie Blue is a patented clip-on designed to block blue light from screens like computers, smartphones, and tablets. These custom lens clips, easily attachable to any prescription glasses with a magnetic system, offer a convenient solution for screen time. Available as a tailor-made clip, an uncut lens for custom fitting, or as ready-to-wear non-prescription glasses, Chemistrie Blue caters to both prescription and non-prescription eyewear users.

How Can Chemistrie Magnets and Bridges Be Customized?

chemistrie magnet options

Additional customizable options include bridge, magnet, and optional Swarovski crystal colors.


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Why Use Chemistrie Clip-Ons?

Here are some key features of Chemistrie Magnetic Clip-ons:

Magnetic Attachment: The clip-ons use small magnets that are either embedded into the lenses of the glasses or attached to the frame. This allows the clip-ons to snap onto the front of the glasses seamlessly and securely.

Customization: Chemistrie clip-ons are custom-made to fit the specific shape and size of the wearer's eyeglass lenses. This ensures a perfect fit and maintains the original style of the eyewear.

Variety of Lenses: The clip-ons come in various lens options, including polarized lenses for sun protection, blue light filtering lenses for reducing eye strain from screens, and even lenses for specific activities like golfing or driving.

Lightweight and Convenient: These clip-ons are designed to be lightweight and easy to attach or remove, making them a convenient alternative to having a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.

Aesthetic Appeal: Since they are custom-made, Chemistrie clip-ons blend in well with the original eyewear, maintaining the aesthetic appeal and avoiding the bulky look that some universal clip-ons can have.

Prescription Compatibility: They are compatible with most prescription glasses, making them a versatile accessory for those who need corrective lenses.