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A full service independent optical wholesale lab that brings you the best in freeform lens surfacing, premium AR coatings, and produces lenses other labs cannot.

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Welcome to Laramy-K - Your Full Service Independent Optical Wholesale Lab

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1st Class all the way. If you want the best lenses in the country, look no further. These guys do it right. Their service is unmatched and the lens quality is amazing. Its so hard to find the service and personal touch in this day and age. We couldn't be happier!! Thank you to our Laramy K Family!!

Aaron Horton

Owner, Sunglass Emporium


98% of Laramy-K customers use Integrity freeform premium lenses powered by IOT over major corporate brands.

How can Integrity Freeform lenses give you an edge?

progressive lens


Choose from coatings like ICE Colorless AR; Nightlite, a real night driving coating; flash mirrors; and more.

How can premium AR coatings give you an edge.

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Wrap frames, high-power lenses, 3-piece mounts, Chemistrie, and more.

How can lens edging and finishing laboratory give you an edge?

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High power, high cylinder, prisms, glass, slab-offs, dive masks, and more. If your lab says it can't be done, we like a challenge!

How can our specialty lab services give you an edge?

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Laramy-K pricing = value. One price, no haggling, 10% prompt payment discount, 33% off second pairs, happier patients...

How can Laramy-K pricing be your best investment?

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Tired of supporting lens and frame manufacturers that directly compete with you online? Sick of being a just number at a manufacturer owned optical laboratory?

What can fierce independence mean for you?

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Timely delivery without excessive errors, clear communication, working with you on your most basic to your most challenging jobs.

How can Laramy-K customer service can give you an edge?

Specialty Lenses High Prism


The premier online optician education program is available for free to all staff members of active Laramy-K accounts.

How can OpticianWorks optician training give you an edge?

Specialty Lenses High Prism


Better pricing than many "stock lens houses" offered as a service only to Laramy-K accounts.

How can our finished stock lens service give you an edge?

Stock Lenses

I have had the pleasure to work with Laramy K for many years already. I know that their level of care about what they do shows in the quality of their products. They have the best attributes that I can think of for an independent optical wholesale lab: passion and pride for their quality work, knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Marcos Garcia

VP of Technology and Development, IOT



First of Its Kind: Lens Coating for Night Driving

Applied with an AR stack, Nightlite is a scientifically formulated lens coating made to reduce halo and star effects, and soften harsh lights on the road without compromising vision on any other spectrum.

Seeing is Believing! Learn More and...

What An "Independent Optical Lab" Can Mean for You?

Being a family-owned independent optical wholesale lab means Laramy-K answers to you, not Big Optical. We recommend lens designs, options, and coatings that are best for your customer, not what is best for Big Optical. What's more, we've put considerable time and effort working with companies like IOT, Younger and Quantum, developing a selection of 100% BO-free digital lenses and coatings that we call Integrity. Rather than a generic house brand, Integrity is our name, our premium alternative to corporate brands, and our reputation, which is why they are as good, if not better than what you can get from Big Optical. And guess what? They're made in the USA, usually at less cost to you, and your customers will love them!

independent optical lab inspection

We've worked with dozens of labs in my 40+ years of owning high-volume luxury optical stores, and I can honestly say that working with Janet and the rest of her team at Laramy-K has been a delight. The three criteria by which we judge our suppliers is quality, service and price. It's rare to find all three in one vendor, but Laramy-K checks all the boxes, often going above and beyond to satisfy us and our customers. Our jobs arrive accurate, on time, and fairly priced. As an independent business owner, I will continue to support this wonderful independently owned lab.

Lloyd Silverstein

President, Optical Underground

Welcome to the World of Laramy-K!

Welcome to the world of Laramy-K Optical, a different kind of independent optical lab. From the beginning, Laramy-K Optical has been dedicated to serving the independent practitioner. We cater to dispensers as committed to their customers as we are to them. We have been called renegades by some and crazy by others. Perhaps, we are a little of each because we take being independent very seriously, without taking ourselves that way. Years ago, in deciding to turn down a Varilux distribution contract requiring us to recommend a single brand over all others, we sacrificed profits for principles. Still today, loyalty to our customers comes before loyalty to any manufacturer.

Trust and Integrity

We recognize accurate and consistent lens processing is essential to your business and is therefore our most fundamental business requirement. However, our mission only begins there. At Laramy-K Optical, we believe relationships are built on trust, which is why treat all of our customers as partners and are proud to consider many our friends. We realize that we can only succeed if you succeed, making your business needs and ultimately your patients' vision our foremost concern. Moreover, we strive to be a valuable resource not only for our customers but for the entire independent optical community in the face of unprecedented challenges threatening its very existence.

AR Coating Lab


Digital Freeform Lens Materials

We believe we are the best at what we do and we are constantly in search of ways to innovate and improve. To meet the needs of our customers, Laramy-K was one of the first independent labs to commit to processing in-house AR and again, digital freeform surfacing, and a dual lens mapper. Today we offer innovative new coatings like ICE, colorless AR and Nightlite, night driving lens coating. In that tradition, your input, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome, encouraged, and necessary. We are not afraid to try new things to find a better way and will strive to be attentive to your needs, even if they are out of the ordinary.


We are not afraid to have fun, laugh at ourselves, or laugh at you, if you deserve it. In the sometimes maddening optical world, laughter often saves the day, or at least helps take the edge off.

We can't say enough good things about Laramy K. We've been in business for 22+ years and we have never worked with a lab that comes close to LK. The things they do to educate opticians is unmatched and the quality of their lenses and coatings are nearly impossible to beat! Hands down the best people and products to work with.

Ami LeFevre

Owner, Krystal Vision

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes to learn everything it takes to make conventional and freeform uncut lenses from ordering all the way to shipping inside an independent optical lab. Also, learn what really goes into a premium AR application.

David, You are important to me.  You led me to the greatest independent optical wholesale lab in the nation. Just like clock work, Laramy-K is dependable. I can count on getting just what I ordered - even when I order wrongly your lab makes it right. Even the pricing is fair.  I have found Laramy-K has a great AR coating that I can count on to be just perfect.  And for choice, I feel like I have only touched the surface of what's available.  Wish I had found your lab many many years ago. You can quote me on this!

Kent Miller

Owner, Kent & Roxie's Spectacle Shoppe

Independence Matters

We provide our customers with independent, premium alternatives to corporate brands. Through craftsmanship, technology, and independent, innovative vendors like Younger, IOT, A&R, and Quantum Innovations we’ve developed the Integrity portfolio of IOT lens designs and Quantum coatings. Made in the USA, the Integrity brand is not a generic house-brand, but is the absolute best we provide, designed to give the wearer that “wow!” experience.

It is so wonderful Eyecare Providers have a quality Laboratory in Laramy-K Optical.
For a Lab to offer education like this to their customers is unique. Their Customer Service is great. It seems no one has a bad day there! I take a look at ‘The Crew’ and start to think – “how many hundred optical years of experience exists at the lab?” Their customers are in excellent hands. What a Lab!

Robert Lee

Sales Administration Manager, Younger Optics



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