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The only exclusively-uncut optical lab in the US - specializing in digital lens surfacing and premium AR coatings.

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Go behind the scenes to learn everything it takes to make conventional and freeform uncut lenses from ordering all the way to shipping. Also, learn what really goes into a premium AR application.

David, You are important to me.  You led me to the greatest independent optical lens lab in the nation. Until Laramy-K Optical, I didn't even know that an uncut-only lab even existed. Just like clock work, Laramy-K is dependable. I can count on getting just what I ordered - even when I order wrongly your lab makes it right. Even the pricing is fair.  I have found Laramy-K has a great AR coating that I can count on to be just perfect.  And for choice, I feel like I have only touched the surface of what's available.  Wish I had found your lab many many years ago. You can quote me on this!

Kent Miller

Owner, Kent & Roxie's Spectacle Shoppe

Independence Matters

The only exclusively uncut independent optical lab in the country; we provide our customers with independent, high-end alternatives to corporate brands. Through craftsmanship, technology, and independent, innovative vendors like Younger, IOT, A&R, and Quantum Innovations we’ve developed the Integrity portfolio of freeform lenses and coatings. Made in the USA, the Integrity brand is not a generic house-brand, but is the absolute best we provide, designed to give the wearer that “wow!” experience.

"It is not everyday an optical wholesale lab comes along and charms us with your humor, kindness, and general awesomeness!"

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