How does Laramy-K's optician education program give you the edge?

Laramy-K Lab Customers Have 100% Free Access To OpticianWorks

That's right. Laramy-K lab customers have access to what we believe is the best online optician training available, 100% free of charge.

OpticianWorks Online Optician Training

More than ABO
OpticianWorks was not created as another me-too, pass the ABO, quickie study program, but was built with a specific purpose in mind. This is why our Ultimate ABO Study Guide section is free to everyone. The modest ambition of OpticianWorks is two-fold:
1. To improve the industry (and your pocketbook) by raising opticians’ standard of knowledge and expertise.
2. To help opticians achieve a higher level of success (defined by the you) by encouraging you to think differently about commonly held perceptions and what is possible.

Building Loyal Fans Not Treating Patients
To succeed in the age of Internet retail, customer experience is paramount. Your optical should be a destination. The biggest problem with opticians’ insistence on being “medical professionals” is that people don’t like going to the doctor. This is why OpticianWorks emphasizes business, craft, and customer experience, encouraging separation of optical and medical. OpticianWorks is the only program that covers every aspect of the daily working life for the optician and how you can improve them to achieve your goals

For Opticians By Opticians
Constant review, additions, and updates keep the content fresh. OpticianWorks employs industry experts for content in specialty areas. OpticianWorks is built and designed by opticians (not a doctors, managers, or salespeople) for opticians.

Personal Support
OpticianWorks members have direct access to the people that build our content. Members can request additional help, make suggestions, and even offer to contribute.

I had been the apprentice of a true master optician back in the 1980’s. Last year, after taking off two decades to raise my family, I was looking to re-enter opticianry. Although basic optics haven't changed in that time, so much else in the industry had. I didn't know how I could quickly get up to speed to sit for my state board exams. was truly a game changer for me! The basic (free) ABO Guide was good for helping me pass the ABO, but then I discovered the paid portion. It was there that I found endless tools, in the form of videos, charts, explanations, formulas, and links, that opened my eyes to all that was possible, both in passing my necessary tests, and in becoming a true professional.

Thank you for creating and maintaining such a professional and detailed resource, and at such an affordable price, too! I am a fan of quality overall, wherever I find it. So many things are shoddily done these days, but the quality of your site truly shows.

Pam DiPrima


Even if you aren't a lab customer for only $9.99/month, you owe it to yourself or your staff to head on over to Laramy-K OpticianWorks and get your optician training on!