First of Its Kind: Coating for Night Driving

Applied with an AR stack, Nightlite™ is made to reduce star and halo effects, and soften the harsh lights of the road without compromising vision on any other spectrum.

"You have to experience it to believe it!"

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*Available only to professional accounts in the U.S.

Nightlite™ filters out yellow light between 565 and 595 nm, reducing light glare and improving color saturation, particularly primary colors of red, green and blue. It is most effective in low light situations.

Don't get caught in the dark!

Nightlight is for Everyone!

Having tested it on a wide variety of people, from those who have cut back on night driving due to vision issues, to teenagers who are new drivers,  the reaction has always been the same..."Wow!"

"Wonderful product!"

"I really love them for driving at night, or even at home on my computer."

"No comparison to the yellow night driving lenses!"

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