Chances are you are struggling to get much traction with your social media efforts. Many ECPs are getting involved in social media, but it seems the overwhelming majority are still having a hard time figuring out how to best utilize it. You do have social media efforts right? Anyway, about six weeks ago, I came up with a viral idea to not only drive social media engagement for ECPs, but increase in-store activity as well.

I started to put together an article and then well, it got put on the back burner. Last Friday, I came across an ECP already implementing it! So, now I feel a little late to the game. Perhaps, you have already thought of the idea, but I like it so much, I want to share it. So, here it is:

Dog glasses

No, really.

You know how much people love their pets. Take a look: who can’t help but fall in love with these dogs in their glasses? Now think of how you could use photos of dogs in glasses, customer’s dogs in glasses, and even customers together with their dogs, both in their new glasses; in your store, on your website, and in your social media. If you are able to capture your own images, your customers will share them with their friends. If you are able to capture great or creative images, they could be shared far beyond. Think Pinterest.

Social Media Tip: If you’ve gone through the trouble to create original images or content, first post them to your website or blog, only then pin them or share them across your social media channels. Do not post them directly to your social media pages. The idea is to build upon your owned media assets, then use social media to spread the word and direct people back to your hub.

If you are so inclined, there is even a nice line of glasses designed specifically for dogs, by dog lovers called, Doggles.

I could see a campaign, a section of the store, or even an entire store centered on the concept. However far you want to take it, great images are key. You might even consider making a deal with a local photographer, host and event, or have a contest, be creative!

Here is the ECP I mentioned: Spec Optical Nashville. You can see what they've done with their store front on their Facebook page. They are even involving animal charities as part of their promotion; another great idea!

What do you think?