Spreading the Word

Nothing is more powerful in growing your business than word of mouth. So, after you’ve knocked your customers’ socks off with your unforgettable brand of customer service, give them a couple of gift certificates (for your store, of course) to be shared only with...

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Cash for Clunkers

I stopped in at a local OD's office today. Last month she ran a "cash for clunkers" promotion. She offered $100.00 off a new pair of glasses for patients that brought in an old pair to be donated to the Lion's Club. Today she reported her promotion resulted in a 41%...

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LKO Going Digital

Excitement is growing as we are finally installing the latest digital surfacing technology from Schnieder, allowing us to produce the newest “freeform” progressives and individualized single vision lenses. In-house production of “freeform” progressives will initially...

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Another Independent Gone

Vision Monday is reporting  Madison, WI independent labortatory, Orion Progressive Lens Lab has been aquired by Essilor. The September 1st deal marks the 17th acquisition for Essilor in 2009. Orion reported $5 mil in revenue last...

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Scary Patients

I came across Judy Canty’s article in this months ECP magazine. As soon as I started reading it, my stomach began to turn. My head started to shake. I am thinking, “Oh please, no more patient bashing. These are the people we make our living off of and this is what is...

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Taking On the Big Guys

So, it’s now been reported by Vision Monday and picked up by our friends over at Eye Overheard (edit: and now a thread on Optiboard), an example of the seemingly quixotic behavior I mentioned in my last post; our fellow OSI laboratory, Nouveau Vision a small lab in...

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Giants of Industry

According to Seth Godin… In the 260 weeks from 1966 to 1970, there were only thirteen musical acts responsible for every #1 album on the Billboard charts. He goes on to write… Sometimes, we define a golden age in a market as a time of stability, when one or a few...

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Two Pairs with One Umbrella

Second pair promotions are always a topic of industry mags and optical self-help literature. So, what could possibly be done that hasn’t already been covered a thousand times? How about a different way of thinking about your second pair promotions? Here’s a simple...

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OpenOptix Works!

I wanted to share some feedback with you to not only let you know OpenOptix educational material works but also to let you know your efforts are having a positive impact and are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your contribution to optical education. I am in the...

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Rodenstock Continues U.S. Distribution

Optical Distribution Corp (ODC), distributor of Rodenstock lenses, recently closed its doors, also closing the door on the supply of Rodenstock lenses to the U.S. We are happy to announce however, Rodenstock has signed a deal with Pro Fit Optix to continue U.S....

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