The Free OpenOptix ABO Study Guide

A little over a year ago, I started the OpenOptix initiative. Taking some inspiration from projects such as MIT OpenCourseware, I wanted to see if we could take the concept of open source and apply it to optical knowledge projects. The intent was to encourage people...

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Signet Armorlite is Absorbed

I know this is old news by now, but since I have been chronicling Essilor acquisitions, here it is... Essilor has agreed to buy Signet Armorlite, a U.S. manufacturer of opthalmic lenses with revenues of more than $130 million. Essilor did not disclose how much it paid...

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Lens Availability Database – Update

We've made a significant number of changes to the Lens Availability Database with this latest release which we are now finally calling a beta. Many of the changes made were on the backend improving the data handling and uploads. These changes should be evident through...

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Gandhi on Customer Service

The following is from a  2000 business advice column in the The Hindu newspaper: Dear Hilka, Whoever said the customer was always right never worked with my customers. Half the time I just feel like screaming at them to behave or go away, but I realise this is...

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NEW! Lens Availability Database

It’s finally here! Over the past year we have been developing a lens availability tool that imports data directly from lens manufacturers and summarizes the data into five categories, including PALs, multifocals, SF SV, and finished stock, to provide the most current...

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